Musvete Smoke House – Dalmatian Prosciutto

Musvete Smoke House – Dalmatian Prosciutto Producer

Mušvete is tiny, hilly village of Zlatibor, located about 10 km northeast of Čajetina Municipality and Zlatibor tourist center, on the road to tiny Kriva reka village. Mušvete village is surrounded by three high hills – Gradina (1176 m), Gliza (951 m) and Cerova (795 m), which are abundant in clear mountain streams, springs and special micro-climate provided by specific wind and air flow. There are numerous interesting legends connected with the name of Mušvete village that elder villagers still tell today. Seven water mills used to be on streams flowing through and along the village of Mušvete, but the river has been dammed and features at present arranged and equipped bathing facility where guests refresh and take sports in hot summers.

Tranquility of picturesque Mušvete village has been interrupted by vision of brothers Mirko Berić and Jovan Ćosić who were highly determined to create a reputable and successful Zlatibor Smoke-house in order to implement the original technique of Dalmatian air-dried ham production inherited from their ancestors from the Krajina area, the former homeland of Varivode and Kistanje villages, close to Krka Monastery. Unselfish and tireless work, and expertise and love and great support by their families, and unique dedication to the idea of production of the finest Dalmatian air-dried ham in Zlatibor area have resulted in creation of smoke-houses in Mušvete village where one can see in one place over 4000 pieces – 24 tons of smoked pork legs that are produced in traditional way, without any additives and preservatives, olny by sea salting and hanging for maturation and drying out in natural open air, exposed to smoke coming from special kinds of wood. There is no such example in Serbia as there is no such smoke-house manufacture of mentioned capacity, technique and quality. Something similar can be seen in Istria and Italy by manufacturers who did not convert to industrial and fabricated production of ham. Thus air-dried delicacies from Mušvete village smoke-house are found in leading restaurants in Serbia.

In authentic wooden vayat – tasting space of Mušvete Smoke-house guests who want to taste the highest quality of smoked products have simple but unique choice of delicacies, whose branded manufacture lasts from 2 to 3 years and fulfills all requirements of air-dried and smoked production – the Dalmatian Prosciutto made in Zlatibor, the Dalmatian smoked bacon, and kulen /special kind of sausage/. Since along with exceptional food, one should have the same quality of drinks – here they produce homemade red and white wine and excellent grape brandy !

Visit to the Mušvete Smoke-house includes tour of the manufacture and production departmenr containing all standards of Good Hygiene Practice – GHP (which implies sanitary topcoat and hygiene coverage), followed by tasting of delicacies and possibility of buying from manufacturers. Within the MUSVETE Smoke-house of Dalmatian delicacies in Zlatibor there is the trout fish pond, while they also plan to establish a wine cellar… Visitors of various interests and profile, but surely those who want the unique experience which pleases all senses, are strongly recommend to visit the Mušvete smoke-house, reminding that booking and announcement is necessary. Visit to Mušvete smoke-house definitely increases one’s appreciation for the food next time he/she encounters it, if not increases the actual pleasure in eating it, knowing how much work went into getting it to that point.

Musvete Smoke House has been supported the promotion of the Dictionary for Rural Households of Serbia ! We thank them, again !