Mustra Mountain Chalet Guca accommodation

Mustra Mountain Chalet Guca accommodation

At the entrance of Guca, picturesque town in central Serbia known as the brass metropolis of Serbia which hosts tremendous Guca Brass Festival, held traditionally in August, traveling by curvy road across the gorgeous Jelica Mountain, the amazing edifice built of wood cordially welcomes you with love and flowers and specific atmosphere. This unique “Mustra” mountain chalet in Guca features wood-carved attractive structure and luxurious accommodation with variety of special services to visitors, has been chosen by Panacomp logistics and leadership in the membership of the Panacomp’s Rural Hospitality system of household, as one of the most comfortable facility in Serbia. In that way, the “MUSTRA” Chalet in Guca deserves the special recommendation for clients who seek the highest comfort for their vacations or stay during the Guca Brass Festival.

Entire Mustra Complex consists of accommodation capacity of 11 beds in 6 traditionally designed and luxuriously equipped rooms on three levels, with 3 bathrooms, which are tempted for premium guests’ satisfaction enabling them to enjoy the true natural and cultural flavors of central Serbia. The Mustra Chalet in Guca is hand-made of the black timber pines of the highest quality, whose interior settings combined with the imaginative decoration and environmental warmth makes special impact to every guest, enriching him and calming his minds. All units are furnished by comfortable and carefully selected wood-carved furniture and comprise most modern bathrooms, as well as spacious sitting room and traditionally decorated dining room, with fully equipped kitchen and the vast terrace overlooking Guca. This precious ambiance by the fire-place is the favorite and most romantic place during the winter evenings, while the whole village is idyllic and covered by snow drifts. During the summer days or the Guca Brass Festival guests relax enjoying the tranquil Guca panorama, vast fields with cattle and fragrant meadows full of flowers, nearby pine and deciduous forest, from the terraces covered by flowers. The retreat is fulfilled by making “your-way” grilled specialties and kettle. Beyond this wonderful chalet in Guca there is a broad plum orchard whose trees remind of the diligent ancestors and their love spread to the modern times and their cute grandchildren…

Proud on the family traditions, the youngest members of the Brocic family collected for several years old wooden chalets from the Dragacevo villages along the Belica river and have created one of the most attractive traditional complexes in central Serbia, famous for the finest food and best quality of service and the best brass music. Nowadays they welcome guests from all over the world in their famous Brocica avlija /Yard of the Brocic Family/ and are proud to regain reputation of the Guca Brass Festival representing the well-preserved lifestyle of Guca and Dragacevo region locals. They have founded Horse-riding club, which has 16 horses and professional training team for horse-back riding of all categories. With great success and reputation they organize various brass evenings with performances of the most famous brass orchestras of Serbia, like the orchestras of Dejan Petrovic and Dejan Lazarevic and other brass performers of Serbia, as well as endurance riding… The nature-lovers or clients simply interested in meeting the traditional values /that could be considered as truly exotic in comparison with EU countries/, are strongly recommended to stay here and visit the Rcan Cave, nearby Dubac, Goracici and Kotraza villages. To finish your delightful day, take a memorable meal in the nearby Daca restaurant, famous for its genuine dishes slowly prepared and served in ceramics pots. Those issues remind you of fantastic Guca Festival atmosphere for a long time: pragmatic conversation with local highlanders and finest home-made food. You can have here: young cheese, smoked ham, corn bread, cabbage casserole, cheese-pie, baked lamb and piglet, plenty of fresh salads grown in their gardens…

So, besides the world famous GUCA BRASS FESTIVAL, the biggest traditional music celebration in the Balkans held traditionally every August, gathering thousands of visitors, hundreds of trumpeter orchestras from all over the world, one can also enjoy the pure calm vacations in Guca during the year. Come and see for yourself !