Mokra Gora Nature Park and the surroundings Team Building

Unique TB activities during visit to south-west Serbia – in Mokra Gora and Mecavnik. Planned activities and services are carefully coordinated with Professor Kusturica and his team and selected suppliers of services so to answer the interest and fulfill wishes, demands and expectations of visitors – so-called soft activities during stay at the Mecavnik Hotel and the surroundings. The recommended TB activities are at the same time and along the related row of operation amusing, educative, fun and challenging, and provide quantifiable gaining new skills and knowledge.  Those activities are also simple, fun and easy for operation, some of them include outdoor exercising and/or in the pool, or water activities making refreshment after various challenges and getting together, but also activities that ideally represent wonderful and well-protected natural environment, rich heritage and well-preserved customs of south-west Serbia, Mokra Gora and the surroundings

Day 1     Mećavnik Hotel

Around 16,00 visit to the Organic Cow Farm – some 3 km above the Mecavnik Hotel, learning about well-preserved technology of food production performed in pure natural environment and under administration of Prof. Kusturica. Tasting of organic products.

Mecavnik Hotel  PRESENTATION AND LECTURE ON PAIRING FOOD AND WINES conducted by sommelier Mirjana Maksimović – expert for wines and wine tourism, author of the Book ‘Team work in the new Millennia” on team work, possessing great experience in connection of employees, multi-years member of the Jury in judging wines quality in prestigious international Wine competitions in the world.  Dinner and overnight at Mecavnik Hotel.

Day 2     Mećavnik – Canyon of Beli Rzav River

07,00 – 08,00 Morning exercises in open, exercises in the pool conducted by instructor   Milisav Mijatović Javor, highly experiences instructor of outdoor activities and skills, member of the Serbia Rescue Team. KARATE WORKSHOP by Milenko Ordagić – Selector of the Karate Representation of Serbia

10,00 Transfer to the Forest House in the Canyon of the Beli Rzav River /some 2,5 km from Mećavnik Hotel/ which features perfectly pure air and well-protected nature of the II level of protection. Meeting with rangers of the Mokra Gora Nature Park and their assistances-local hosts, instructions for outdoor activities: 1/ Birds House manufacture /out from prepared boards, painting and installation on trees along the Health Hiking trail; 2/ Trout fishing; 3/ roasting peppers and making ayvar /ALL equipment, branded aprons, tools and material arranged/

Transfer to the nearby “Club in Open Bele vode” of the First level of protection, close to the Sargan Train railway gauge. Mokra Gora is highly rich in rivers and waters as there are nearly 150 springs. The Bele vode spring is called by the locals as the Spring of Saint John the Baptist due to the lovely church built after 2000 dedicated to this saint which is positioned next to it, which we will visit. There are numerous legends on medicinal features of this spring which is highly alkaline, so today many visitors come here to drink and take this water, as it is good for curing skin diseases, digestion illnesses, stomach diseases… Activities: Interactive workshops: LIVE cooking /preparation of wild game goulash/ under monitoring and assistance of local hosts and traditional making Plum Brandy / hot rakija brandy, and preparation of Liquor from Wild Blueberry, with music entertainment of accordion and tambouritza.  Big traditional lunch – cheese, kaymak, gibanitza-cheese pie, homemade smoked ham, wild game goulash, rakijas /Sokolova and Hot rakija/, wine, beer and local drinks. Afternoon activities : Flute Playing workshop – education under conduct of local artisans, common performance. End of interactive activities and workshops, symbolic prizes by rangers and local hosts. Late afternoon return to the Mecavnik Hotel, dinner, spa-wellness services, overnight.


Day 3     Mećavnik – Bajina Bašta – Perućac Lake

After breakfast, around 10,00 transfer to the Perucac Lake on Drina River, welcome of outdoor adventure instructors and members of the Serbia Rescue Team. Instruction for kayak-kanu ride and stand-up paddling /all equipment – neoprene suits, cabins for changing clothes and support of outdoor instructors arranged/. Rich buffet lunch with unlimited local drinks during 2-3 hours cruise along the wonderful Drina River Canyon. End of program and services.

Included: 2 HB in Mecavnik Hotel; visit to the Organic Cow Farm with tasting of products; Sommelier lecture on pairing wines with food with tasting; karate course and exercise in open conducted by outdoor instructors and karate professionals; full-day outdoor activities and in the Forest Hut and the Club of Mokra Gora Nature Park – manufacture of birds houses, fishing, preparation of ayvar, making sljivovica rakija-brandy and wild blueberry liquer, educative course of playing flute under monitoring and support of local hosts, rich traditional homemade lunch with drinks, half-day outdoor water activities – kayak-canoe ride and stand-up paddling under supervision of outdoor instructors – all equipment arranged; 2-3 hours cruise along the Drina River Canyon with big buffet homemade lunh and unlimited local drinks, 24 hours support and professional guidance of  Panacomp Wonderland Travel Serbia