Mokra Gora Mountain

Mokra Gora Mountain

Mokra Gora /Wet Mountain/ is one of the most beautiful mountains of Serbia and was described by the famous biologist Jovan Cvijic as the “Balkan Beauty”. The Mokra Gora Mountain is located on the right bank of Ibar River, in the most southwestern part of Serbia, on the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija, between rivers of Ibar and Beli Drim, and towns of Ribariće, Zubin Potok and Rožaje /Montenegro/. Mokra Gora Mountain makes the natural border between Black Sea and Adriatic watershed and belongs to the mountainous harsh highlanders’ landscape of the Ibarski Kolasin area.

Žljeb Mountain is the highest peak of Mokra Gora Mountain located between the north-western Kosovo and Metohija and eastern Montenegro. Žljeb Mountain is part of the Prokletije Mountain ranges and stretches between the mountains of Hajla and Morka Gora. The White Drim river originates on the slopes of Žljeb Mountain. Žljeb Mountain also creates some of the eastern parts of the Rugova Canyon. Žljeb Mountain features two high and impressive peaks: the higher is called Rusulija and is 2,382 meters high, while the lower is called just Žljeb, at 2,365 meters. Rusulija Mountain slopes are covered with lush forests and meadows near its summit. Mokra Gora Mountain is remote and wild and belongs to low-density in terms of population.

At the foothill of Mokra Gora Mountain there is Gorioc Monastery, situated at the altitude of 560 meters, while Crna Reka Monastery lies at the elevation of almost 1000 meters. Mokra Gora Mountain features exceptional flora, fauna, climate and natural characteristics, and makes the only natural habitat for Molika pine /Pinus peuce/, grouse, rare species of wile game, bears, roebucks.

Mokra Gora Mountain bears its name truly rightfully because of its vast, wild and spacious plateau rich in small lakes, crystal clear springs, thick pine forests and muddy terrains. The Mokra Gora Mountain features almost intact nature and breathtaking mountain peaks of Berim (1731 m) and Radopolje, while the highest peaks of this massif is Žljeb (2532 m), Pogled (2155 m) and Beleg (2151m), which is situated at the very border with Montenegro. The Berim peak /1731 m/ specially distinguishes itself from the other peaks by its size and location, from where stretches the breathtaking view to nearly entire Kosovo area, as well as to the mountain massifs of Halja, Prokletije, Sar-Planina, Kopaonik, Rogozna and Javor, and also to the Gazivode Lake. The artificial Gazivoda Lake, 24 km long has been created by the dam on the Ibar River and is situated beside the Mokra Gora Mountain area. The Gazivode Lake became the main excursion spot, adventure location and outdoor activities, and the place where sky and the Mokra Gora Mountain join, and shimmer in its clear waters. The air is pure and fresh, and numerous fishermen, mountaineers and adventurers have all possibilities to perform their exploration and hedonistic spirits, and discover magic of both the lake and the mountain provide. The outstanding local Association Outdoor In – Development of tourism of the Zubin Potok Municipality”, the “Berim” Mountaineering Club and the InTER organize various outdoor activities that attract more and more challenge-lovers : hiking, alpinism, gliding, free-climbing Via Ferata, wind surfing, rowing, kayaking, cruising along the Gazivode Lake, camping… Via Ferrata is the climbing route system protected by a steel rope that provides fully secure climbing to the heights that are reachable only by highly experienced climbers. Via Ferrata on the rocks of the Berim peak on the slope of the Mokra gora Mountain is unique in the Balkans in terms of its size and experiences of climbers. On this climbing attraction there are vertical side over 100 meters, and the route passes by the cave, which also provides special experience, along the memorable view. Climbing along the Mokra Gora Mountain is unique adventure experience of the middle level and provides climbers to avoid highly extensive parts with huge level and distances, combined with the Via Ferrata climbing, located on the foothill of the Berim Peak. Length of the mountaineering route on the Mokra Gora Mountain lasts 3-4 hours, or it can be organized up to the Crna Reka Monastery along the light-middle trail, without high ascents, that lasts some 2-3 hours, and with extended activities of the Via Ferrata Berim it lasts some 5 hours, providing participants unique and memorable experiences.

All the villages of the gorgeous Ibarski Kolašin area are renown for highly hospitable and friendly local hosts. They produce and serve exclusively healthy and tasty food – delicious fruits and vegetables, mouth-watering smoked meat and bacon, dairy products, corn bread, filija /pastry layers filled with kaymak/ or kačamak /hominy/, prepared along traditional recipes. Served with such tasty food and homemade šljivovica /plum brandy/, every visitors feels as at home. The Agriculture Cooperative of Zubin Potok for years successfully organizes production of various locally recognized products – trout, eggs, fruits, forest products and wild fruits /that come as fresh, frozen or dried or processed form/and truly excite visitors !