Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement Tresnjevica village Arilje

Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement Tresnjevica village Arilje

The Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement is comfortable rustic complex in the Zlatibor county, in Central-Western Serbia, on the territory of Arilje Municipality – the raspberry metropolis, in the tiny village of Tresnjevica, on the slopes of the Ostres hill, fully encircled with forests and raspberry orchards and fields. The Mitrovic traditional rural complex is far enough from everyday hassle, and thus provides absolutely quiet and tranquil vacations in touch with nature, beautiful panorama over gentle hilly mountains and tiny village, and extraordinary tasty food, prepared along traditional recipes of our ancestors. The Trešnjevica hamlet is located between Arilje /13 km/, Ivanjica /25 km/ and Guča /some 40 km/, in the location that provides guests discovering numerous natural beauties, cultural and historical sites and well preserve customs, during their vacations or short stay in the Mitrovic traditional rural complex.

The Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement boasts of 10 modern and comfortable rooms with total of 24 beds organized in two houses of traditional style, fully built of natural materials – wood, stone and bricks. Rooms of the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement are of 3 stars category and come with comfortable amenities for pleasant vacations – heating, comfortable large – king size or single beds, LCD TV, nicely appointed bathrooms with shower.

Guests staying at the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement have at their disposal spacious living room with open fire place and a terrace in the central house, from where leads way to the restaurant with 100 seats, which makes perfect space for successful organization of various celebrations and events. Within the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement in Arilje is separate kitchen with dining space, separate Bakery with built-in furnace, space for grill and roasting, old-fashion furnace known as “smederevac” which reminds of careless childhood, and pottery where traditional Serbian dishes are slowly cooked. From the Bakery of the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement one gets out to the covered open terrace with some 20 seats, from where spreads magic panorama.

During their stay at the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement in Arilje guests are served with extraordinary tasty and the finest food prepared of locally grown ingredients – homemade slatko /fruit jelly/, natural honey, starters with smoked ham, cheese and kaymak /sour cream/, various pies, soups, kacamak – hominy, homemade bread, corn bread, cooked dishes, sarma /cabbage stuffed with mined meat and rice/, stuffed peppers, prebranac /slowly cooked beans/, svadbarski kupus /cabbage casserole/, various fresh salads and pickled salad, sausages, meat cooked under the pot, roasted lamb and piglet, all kinds of grilled meat, various cakes and sweets. The special pride of the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement is ajvar – /ayvar-pepper relish/, carefully prepared by diligent and skilled lady host Goca in traditional way, which reaches some international tables, even the distant Japan ! There are various natural homemade juices, rakijas – brandies and wine, as well as various local and international drinks to fulfill the genuine flavors.

The Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement complex in Arilje includes a modern open pool with lazy chairs, 10 x 15 meters in size, which is the favorite place for relaxation, enjoyment and refreshment during summer season. The Spa zone with a sauna and a salt room and sport grounds are in construction. As per guests wish and interest, it is possible to organize numerous culinary courses under supervision and conduct of diligent hosts – common preparation of pickled salads, ajvar, slatko /fruit jelly/, roasting piglet, making rakija…. It is also possible to arrange visit to the nearby agricultural estates with farms and orchards for guests keen to learn the original lifestyle and customs of this beautiful part of Serbia, with optional active participation of guests – picking up raspberries, blueberries, collecting hay, mushrooms, observation of domestic animals…

Guests staying at the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement in Arilje keen to discover the surroundings and enjoy in wonderful greenery of hills intersected with orchards and tiny hamlets should go hiking or riding mountain bike. There is interesting story-legend about the Ostres hill which has it that “one morning when Turks arrived, the church which was located there, suddenly flew over the next hill of Gradina”, but also a legend which says that this church was taken by fairies during night to the Gradina hill”. The Gradina Hill is located in the Trešnjevica village, some 5 km away from the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement and besides remains of medieval fortification of strategic importance due to its position at the elevation of 1140 meters, there is magic view spreading to the surrounding hills and hamlets, intersected with forests and raspberry orchards. Only 5 km away from the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement in Arilje, 13 km from Arilje on the road to Ivanjica, there is the medieval Klisura monastery named after the gorge /klisura/ of the Moravica River. One of the precious gifts of nature of this quiet area is the Rzav River, one of the cleanest rivers of Europe, which features pure clean and potable water and numerous nicely appointed beaches, rapids, waterfalls, canyons and slow whirlpools, entirely surrounded with greenery.  The thermal warm springs of the Visocka Banja Spa are located in the canyon of the Veliki Rzav River, in the area of the Visoka village. Waters of the Visočka banja Spa features temperature of 27 C and rises in bubbles from the underground lake, which makes this natural phenomenon of this type of canyon springs as the museum of natural thermal rarities, the only one in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. The Visočka Banja Spa is ever since known for curing some diseases, as the rheumatism, heart diseases, and nerve and skin diseases and improves eye sight. This jewel of the Rzav River is real oasis or peace and beauties that attract visitors for curative factor, but also for relaxing ambiance. During their vacations or weekend at the Mitrovic traditional tourist settlement in Arilje guests are also warmly recommended to take local excursions to the nearby sites and attractions – the Sargan 8 Train an the Mecavnik Drvengrad, Tara National Park, the Staro Selo Sirigojno Open air Museum, the Potpec Pecina Cave, the Stopic Pecina Cave, the Terzica Avlija traditional settlement in the Zlakusa village of numerous potters, the Uvac Special Nature Reserve – the largest natural habitat of griffin vultures in the Balkans….