Mirusa River – Mirusa River Canyon

Mirusa River – MIrusa River Canyon

Nature lovers would definitely love exploring the wonderful natural beauties of Mirusha Canyon, as it is unique and very attractive natural phenomenon. Mirusha Canyon is located in Metohija, in the southern part of Gremnik Mountains at 572 meters above the sea level. The Mirusha Canyon and its region is scenic landscape of steep 200 meters high rocky sides and one of the most attractive tourist sites of Kosovo and Metohija. Mirusha Canyon is located on the south of the Gremnik Mountains up to the top of the hill called Zatrič spread on 2 km and the level between 360 and 630 m.

The region of the Canyon of Mirusha River which is 2 km long is enriched with numerous mountainous lakes, springs and minerals which bring out a picturesque sight. Mirusha River flows down through 12 waterfalls in the canyon and forms 13 large and small lakes with a beauty that has a certain magic to it. The highest waterfall on Mirusa River is 21 meters high. The park is spread on both sides of the Mirusha river from the beginning of the canyon and is rich in wild game. The water is generally icy cold. Mirusha Canyon is well connected with main routes : Pristina-Pec and Pec-Prizren.