Miroc Mountain

Miroc Mountain

Miroč Mountain in East Serbia, with the village of the same name, make an ambient and ethno-traditional landmark, featuring specific relief, landscapes and diversity of unique scenery between Serbia and Romania, along the course of Danube River, which flows through the Southern Carpathian ranges. Miroč village is located at the altitude of 767 meters, rising from the precipitous peaks of Veliki and Mali Strbac, above the narrowest part of the Danube in Europe. Miroč village is also situated on the northwestern part of the Miroč Plateau, on the elevation which is surrounded by sources of rivers of Gradašnica, Golubinjska reka, Ravna reka, Buljevica and Valja Mare. Unique natural characteristics of Miroc Mountain are truly attractive – Gradašnica pecina Cave, Canyon of Gradašnica River, Kulme, diversified floral and animal life. During the traditional Jorgovan-fest – Lilacs Festival locals present their original customs, ancient songs, folklore of the region. There is the spot on Miroč Mountain named after the Prince Marko – Marko’s rock, which used to be a big stone, with the horse-shoe, believed to be one of the Prince Marko’s horse Sarac. This particular stone is damaged but still bears its name. Miroč Mountain has ever since been since juncture of fairies, female fairy-like spirits in South-Slavic mythology, particularly the residence of the Ravivojla Fairy, the wood nymph who was, the Serbian folk poem says, sister of Prince Marko.

Archaeological remains of the oldest copper mine in Europe dating about 4000 years BC have been found close to Majdanpek, on the Rudna Glava Hill. Ore wealth of this area contributed significantly that the secret of metal was discovered by man right here. When Rudna Glava mine was explored dating from 3800 – 3200 BC the theory of the Near East as the cradle of mining was rejected. There were 40 mining shafts and numerous tools excavated in Rudna Glava during the period of 20 years of research. Still there are various secrets to be explored for nature lovers.

Miroc Mountain whose waters descend towards the Danube River hides mystical underground pits and caves, not yet explored. In terms of the surface Miroc Mountain covers it feature strong contrasts of its almost vertical crags of Mali and Veliki Strbac peaks, that pankake towards the Danube River, providing breathtaking views and the Strbac valley situated hinterland of the main reef, the large karst plateau abundant with pits and of irregular relief. The net of forest pathways is so chaotic that electronic navigation is inevitable, specially when weather is misty. Miroc Mountain is famous for numerous abysses, among which the deepest in Serbia, and interesting speleological spots, like the tunnel cave on the tiny river of Kasajna, at the very east of the mountain. Although Miroc Mountain seems rather low it is not so well explored so speleologists experience surprises while wandering along its valleys.

Forests and pastures of Miroc Mountain feature plenty of mysteries, that silently penetrate through treetops and visitors, before they are aware of it….The highest peak of Miroč Mountain is Veliki Strbac peak /768 meters/, but it gains respect of its visitors, in terms of the location, configuration of terrain, flora, fauna and rich cultural inheritance.

If we carefully observe the Miroc Mountain we notice it spreads along its entire length towards the Danube River. Yet, Danube River embraces the Miroc Mountain from three sides. Observation points of Veliki and Mali Strbac provide unique opportunity for panorama of cruisers along the river which look like paper boats from the distance of 500 meters. While standing on its peaks we see the green waters of the Danube in the north and its glittering waves by Brza Palanka, which is about 20 km away, although the mighty river flows until that point for 100 km. In Brza Palanka, on the very shore of the Danube River, there is nicely arranged camp site of “Miročka voda”, very suitable for stay of nature lovers, researchers, Scouts, bicyclers…. The Mirocka voda camp site features capacity for 80 tents and is equipped with toilets and showers with hot and cold water and other necessities for a pleasant stay in the nature. Visitors have variety of activities at their disposal – fishing, local excursions with hiking along the hiking trails of the Đerdap National Park and the Miroč Mountain, through the beech and oak forests – length of trails is from 3 to 10 km, and visit to the natural localities as the springs with natural hot and cold waters, the wonderful Blederija Waterfall, the Sokolovac caves, mills which still grind corn and wheat, by the force of the Blederija river – the Rečka reka river… From the Mirocka voda camp site spreads beautiful view of the Danube River, the Đerdap Lake and the Miroč Mountain, and visitors can enjoy in outdoor activities on the sandy beach.

Once upon a time, during the Roman times, Miroc Mountain was transportation point with the East along the famous Roman road. It used to be a health resort and an air spa visited by Roman soldiers. Richness of the famous Miroc medicinal herbs are known since the Roman times, whereas nowadays Miroc Mountain is almost forgotten and many would not be able to find it on a map.