Milica Mountainous Mansion Trsic

The Mansion of Milica or the Mountainous Milica Mansion Trsic is comfortable tourist complex in natural environment of Trsic, located on the vast estate of 4,5 hectares in Podrine in the Loznica Municipality in north-west Serbia. The attractive authentic tourist complex of Konak Milica – the Milica Mansion is some 5 km away from the birth house of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, 10 km from Tronosa Monastery, 16 km away from the Banja Koviljaca Spa on Drina River, and some 32 km away from the Tekeris Memorial complex dedicated to the Cer Mountain Battle in the First World War. One can reach the Milica Mansion by car driving from Loznica and from the central parking in Trsic, and further along narrow macadam – earthen road of 4 km. Another route to the Milica Mansion leads from the Vuk Birth House from where the steep hiking trail through the forest, upstream the course of the tiny Zeravija River, in 20 minutes takes you to the oasis of traditionalism, peace and hospitality as guest and visitors call the Milica Mansion. The original structures of the Milica Mansion in Trsic date from the 19th century, and are set at the elevation of 500 meters in the complete forested surroundings. All structures of the Milica Mansion are enriched with various traditional details and comfortable amenities that truly please lovers of intact nature, clean air, peacefulness, quietness, healthy homemade food and innate Serbian hospitality.

The Milica Mansion has been built in 1920 by grand-grand father of the present diligent owner Budimir Matic Buda. The persistent Buda named the mansion after his mother Milica and tool much love and dedication to bravely start the rural tourism business. Few years ago Buda managed to fully reconstruct the mansion when he added comfortable amenities that made it suitable for rural tourism and ready to respond to demands and wishes of modern visitors. The Milica Mansion today provides comfortable accommodation in 2 rooms – a double and a triple room with usage of one bathroom and one four-bed apartment with own bathroom. Accommodation units of the Milica Mansion in Trsic are equipped with comfortable beds and well-restored furniture from 1920, phone, TV, bathroom with shower, Jacuzzi, a sauna, corridor and dining room.

Food of the Milica Mansion in Tršić include dishes as per recipes of mother Milica, exclusively prepared from fresh own or locally grown ingredients – homemade bread, corn bread, cherry and elder-flower natural juice, famous Milica sinija – favorite guests’ combination of homemade food as per mother Milica recommendation – order: cheese, kaymak, cvarci /cracklings/, beans, grilled mushrooms, seasonal salad, mixed grill meat /smoked pork, sausage, chicken, cevap/, various roasted meat, forgotten Serbian dishes and old-fashion sweets,….

In the yard of the Milica Mansion there is dining space with an old-fashion furnace, built-in stove, barbecue and original hearth which reminds of the Buda’s ancestors. Guests who stay at the Milica Konak – the Milica Mansion in Trsic have at their disposal space for refreshment or afternoon relax by the open pool with lazy chairs and umbrellas/baldachins, swing and seesaw for children, a restaurant with spacious terrace from where spreads memorable panorama of the surrounding greenery, the open pool, …

Besides that, the guests who stay at the Konak Milica – the Milica Mansion in Trsic await various outdoor activities, touring the cultural/historical monuments and attractions, traditional festivals like getting together to help the neighbor, weaving, spinning assembly and memorable participation in traditional every-day works – fruit and vegetable growing and cultivation, collecting medicinal and forest herbs and plants and mushrooms, bird watching, fishing, mountain-bike ride, hiking, mountaineering, gliding, or preparation of traditional food, knitting workshop, making cheese, feeding domestic animals, nursing and milking animals, …. Guests of the Milica Mansion can buy homemade rakija-brandy, pickled salad, honey and various handwork items….