Milesevka River – Milesevka River Canyon

Milesevka River – Milesevka River Canyon

Canyons of the Lim and the Milesevka Rivers /Milesevka River join the Lim River in town of Prijepolje/ are situated in the South-west Serbia. Here they are set natural habitats of numerous rare and ancient animal and vegetable species that used to live here for million of years. The Nature Reserve of Mileševka River Canyon is positioned at the altitude between 600 and 1400 meters and covers the protected surface of 297 hectares consisting of several limestone gorges between southern slopes of the Zlatar Mountain and Jadovnik Mountain, surrounded by forests and pastures…. The Milesevka River Canyon is 24 km long and begins by the tiny village of Milošev do, on the old road from Prijepolje to Sjenica and ends close by the Mileševa Monastery and the Medieval fortification of Milesevac – Hisardzik. By construction of the paved road via Nova Varoš, the whole area or and around the Milesevka river Canyon became isolated, and provides real challenge for pure nature lovers and wilderness fans.

Unique features of the Mileševka River canyon are its wilderness, roughness, picturesqueness, inaccessibility and steep sides that are sometimes 300 meters high and almost vertically descend towards the river bed. The average yearly temperature of Milesevka River Canyon is 6 C /January -30 C and August 16 C/. Rain is highest distributed in June with average 1000 mm per meter while the area in average got 800 mm/meter yearly. 10 cm snow cover remains for 60 days in the area of the Milesevka River Canyon.

Pancic’s Spruce, the relics and beautifully-strong pine plant rises above the rocky river bed of Mileševka River. Pančić spruce /relict and endemic species of the Balkans/, conifer, tender chestnut, nut, black hazel and pine are only some representatives of 317 floral species of not well explored and researched Mileševka River Canyon. Wild boar, wolf and roe deer as well as many rare animals live within this wilderness of steep cliffs of Milesevka Canyon. Until the last decade one could find here the endemic relic of griffin-vulture which is one among the largest birds of prey. This unique and rare bird gains weight of 13 kg and features 3 meters wingspan, representing the “European condor”. The Reserve of Mileševka River is 7 km long and forms unique habitat for birds of prey. Up to now there are 19 day species and 9 night-species of birds discovered in the area of Milesevka River Canyon, including the nearby Uvac Nature Reserve. Here are nests of griffin vultures, tiny hawks, Ural hawks, tiny eagle, karst and gray falcons that can rarely be seen in Serbia.

The narrow mountain track passes through the Reserve of Milesevka River Canyon. It starts beneath the last tunnel of the deserted road and passes 5 km along the picturesque /and dangerous/ Mileševka River canyon with three possibilities to access the river. After Ravniste village the mountain path continues along Medjanska Reka River up to the village of Pocrkvine, from where it descend for 4 km along the abandoned tracks to the village of Aljinovici on the road Nova Varos – Sjenica. The path along the Milesevka River Canyon is not well marked, although it has been recently arranged, but still not recommended to children nor to those who are afraid of heights. Visiting season of the Milesevka River Canyon is opened from May until October, and escort of professional local hiking guides is strongly recommended. The Milesevka River Canyon Nature Reserve still remains intact in spite of the huge human impact on the surrounding nature. Milesevka River Canyon is true challenge for brave…