Merkur Hotel Vrnjacka Banja Spa

Merkur Hotel Vrnjacka Banja Spa

“Merkur” Hotel Vrnjacka Banja Spa is a state-of-the-art medical institution of Serbia specialized in prevention, diagnosing, treatment and rehabilitation of digestive organs and diabetes, as well as the National Diabetes Center of Serbia. The Merkur Novi Hotel is located in the very heart of Vrnjacka Banja Spa, next to the popular promenade and wonderful park. Although located in the center of the Vrnjacka Banja Spa and close to all mineral springs and institutions and places of interest and sport activities, the Merkur Novi Hotel in Vrnjacka Banja Spa is in first place the oasis of peace, health, energy, beauty and relaxation as it contains the Aqua and Fitness Center aimed to provide full relaxation and achievement of good health and physical condition.

The medical services an health treatments of the Merkur Special Hospital Center in Vrnjacka Banja Spa are provided by 50 doctors (most of whom are specialists and sub-specialists), 100 medical assistants who have secondary education or associate degree, and 180 medical consultants with graduate degree, college or secondary education. Health services are available 24 hours a day in all the facilities of the Merkur Special Hospital which is specialized in diagnosis, prevention, curing and therapies with mineral waters for diabetes patients, gastro diseases and physical rehabilitaion. The Merkur Novi Center in Vrnjacka Banja Spa provides modern accommodation throughout the year in more than 850 beds in three facilities, among them the Merkur-new*** is the most comfortable and famous for providing a real pleasure and invigoration both to patients and guests.

Merkur Special Hospital Vrnjacka Banja Spa is modern and well-equipped and internationally recognized medical, health and beauty center of Serbia, which successfully combines and gains significant vivid results of dedicated experts and natural factors in diagnostics and treatment of digestive diseases and musculus skeletal system disorders and prevention and treatment of diabetes. This Merkur Center is perfect choice for all who seek full relaxation and revitalization and physical activities in prevention, and place which in many ways generates the health awareness. Stay in Vrnjačka Banja spa always relates to consumption of its multi beneficial mineral waters. Thanks to the unique impact on each person, the consumption of waters of Vrnjacka Banja Spa must be under recommendation and monitoring of medical experts.

Medical treatments of the Merkur Special Hospital in Vrnjačka Banja : Aroma therapy, Laser therapy, Hydro therapy, Electro Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Cavitation, Peloid Center, diet nutrition…. Available Spa and wellness services and rejuvenation treatments of the  “Fons Romanus” Center in Vrnjacka Banja Spa: swimming in the pools and whirlpools of thermal waters, hydro massage and various massages, Jacuzzi, sauna that enable well-being of spirit and the whole body. Innovative treatment of Radio waves Therapy is gentle and efficient method of skin tightening that stimulates cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production and by its warm features provides vivid results after the first application /hands, upper and lower face, neck and décolletage/ and relates to elimination of cellulitis and fat layers. This is very simple and fully safe and comfortable treatment. Guests also may use the Solarium, steam baths and Finnish and Infra-red saunas, Kneip stream, Salt room, Tepidarium and more than 20 various hand massages and selection of face and eye wrinkles treatments…..

The Merkur expert team has created two unique treatments in Serbia with the aim of complete recovery of persons after COVID19 and their return to regular life and activities. Many of those who overcame COVID-19 face with physical, cognitive or/and mental health problems which cause lowering of daily normal life functioning.

 In order to help them return to normal life, the Merkur team created programs which provides specialized, multi-disciplinary care for rehabilitation of patients after COVID-19. Post-COVID rehabilitation and Post–COVID HIPERBARIC rehabilitation in the Merkur complex has the aim to eliminate all physical symptoms after hospital or home healing treatments provided in the spa ambiance along with medical supervision and personalized plan of treatments.

This treatment is designed for patients who need quickest possible recovery in the safest way. After those treatments patients get the following health improvements:  improvement of lung ventilation, strengthening of the immune system, improvement of peripheral circulation, regulation of secondary illnesses – diabetes,rheumatic diseases, obesity…., return to normal physial and sport activities.


Patients are healed in the hyperbaric chamber when breathing the clear Oxygen under higher atmospheric pressure which ranges even up to 2,8 barr, that is 20 times higher quantity of physically dissolved Oxygen in the blood plasma and provides its quicker transfer to damaged tissue and cells: full blood detoxification, immune improvement and overall body well-being, 20% memory increase and 35% increase of physical ability, increase of body strength, energy and endurance, removal of fatigue and sleeping improvement, improvement of overall health, stress relief. 

Slowing down of aging, skin tighten and recovery of juvenile look – patients are educated during this program how to organize their life routine after return back home – food consumption, breath and Kinesis exercises, and self-control of health condition….

Right opposite to the Merkur Novi Hotel there is the Šumadija facility with double and four-bed rooms with private bathrooms, cable TV and phone, and a suite that contains a living room, and two bedrooms and a bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV and phone. The Sumadija Hotel in Vrnjacka Banja Spa boasts 70 beds, while guests staying here have food served in the Merkur Hotel, and have at their disposal all Aqua and fitness services free of charge.  This facility features the urgent medical service available throughout the day.

Merkur Hotel Vrnjacka Banja Spa amenities : Massages, Sauna, Thermal baths, Thermal treatments, Whirlpool, Health center, Garden; Parking; Well-being Center; Thermal pool; TV; Restaurant; Dietetic Cuisine; Aqua center; Health center, Aromatherapy; Laser therapy; Hydrotherapy; Electro-therapy; Magneto-therapy; Thermo-therapy; Physiotherapy; Dietology.