Homeland Museum Knjazevac

Homeland Museum Knjazevac

The Homeland Museum of Knjaževac is located in the Karađorđeva street 15 in Knjaževac, in the lovely structure built in 1906 that was the two-fold house in the possession of the Sibinovic Family that managed the „Dobra sreća“ Mines in Vina village. This is the monument of culture that belongs to the type of cultural assets of civil architecture with the stylish characteristics important for the period of the beginning of the 20th century. 

The temporary exhibition of the Homeland Museum in Knjazevac includes a number of various artifacts and items from the prehistoric times until nowadays exposed in the building in Karadjordjeva street 15, in the center of Knjazevac. This is the cultural monument itself, built in 1906, and a type of cultural public property of civil architecture with stylish characteristics significant for the beginning of the 20th century. The Homeland Museum Knjazevac exhibition collections include chronologically and thematically displayed original objects and artifacts, or exceptionally, the copies of the objects from Knjazevac and Timok region representing the nature and people. The unique Ethnographic collection of remarkable number of about 1000 examples of outstanding two-sided hand-pinned wool socks of Timok Region from the 18th until the 20th century is the part of the Memorial Museum Exhibits.

One of departments of the Homeland Museum in Knjazevac is the Town Museum of Knjazevac which is located in Njegoseva Street 6, in the former house of Aca Stanojevic, the Radical Party leader. This house was built from 1903 until 1912 according to the architectural plan of construction entrepreneur Jovan Fogler from Vienna at the time when Aca Stanojevic was the Chairman of the National Assembly of Serbia. “Numerous examples of original material found in the house, archival documents and personal belongings of Aca Stanojević, as well as the material obtained as gifts from old Knjaževac families or individuals form a modest but significant fund. The fact that this house is a cultural and historical monument from the end of XIX and beginning of XX century was used to present and conjure the atmosphere of the time when Acа Stаnojević lived and also to reconstruct the interior of a town house of that period. For the presentation of different items of high cultural and artistic value the upstairs rooms were used in which the town house interior was presented in stages. The big room – salon furniture, wall mirrors… and all this belongs to the neo-Renaissance, a carpet from the period of Napoleon III, a cast iron furnace and other items. The study – a writing desk and a chair, a richly decorated cabinet, a small carpet (Gizel), salon seating set, art paintings (all from the legacy of Acа Stаnojević)…”. The Homeland Museum Knjazevac

The Homeland Museum Knjazevac comprises the Archeo Park Ravna near Knjaževac which is the open-air museum with the research and archaeological sections, lapidarium and ancient examples from the archaeological site of Timacum Minus, as well as the traditional architecture of the region. The Museum of wine is established in the basement of the Ravna site Museum of the Homeland Museum of Knjazevac.