Medical and wellness services

For over two thousand years people have been taking restful breaks to rejuvenate, invigorate, revitalize and heal. In Serbia and the surrounding Balkan countries the ‘Medical Spa’, health, relaxation and rehabilitation centers has been around for well over a 150 years and ‘Health Resorts’ cropped up where mineral water was found bubbling beneath the ground. Salty and thermal waters were deemed to have healing properties and thousands would flock to drink the water, indulge in huge tubs of mud or salt baths and undertake supervised medical treatments such as diathermy (an electro-magnetic heat used for healing) or heliotherapy (a chiropractic treatment for muscle stimulation)… with the aim to enjoy in a preventive effect on the development of disease, maintenance and development of physical fitness.

Luxurious, soothing treatments and massage along with detailed diagnosis and personalized program to verify, over time the measurable results of health improvement is something that surely lifts one’s spirits. Purification of the body has played an important part in cleansing and self-healing process since the ancient times. Explore new medical & spa facilities and wellness resorts in Serbia and around the Balkans blending unique modern treatments with tradition and heritage. Medical spas are facilities that combine traditional day-spa comforts with common cosmetic procedures. At a medical spa, you can get the same services offered at a traditional spa, such as facials, massages, saunas, and body treatments. However, you can also get cosmetic medical treatments such as laser hair removal, botox and restylane injections, medical microderm-abrasions, photo facials, hair restoration, laser vein treatments, laser acne treatments, laser wrinkle reduction, and medical peels…

Our aim is to provide guests with numerous options and information on medical facilities available in the specially selected Serbia and Balkan spa and wellness destinations that feature wonderful natural environment, since the most powerful ingredients in skincare and body treatments come from the safest source – the nature. Many medical tourists worldwide are seeking treatment at a quarter or sometimes even a 1/10 of the cost at home. We have selected only a few wellness and spa resorts in Serbia that provide medical procedures and offer international acclaim. There are many reasons why customers should be traveling to Serbia for these services: high cost of health care services (dentistry for one); long waiting lists for surgery; ease and low cost international travel; good value for foreign currencies in exchange rates; international accreditation of foreign hospitals…

Panacomp Wonderland Travel provides first choice Medical Tourism in Dental, Optical, Cosmetic Surgery, Spa Retreats and Culture in the Balkans. The Panacomp Wonderland Travel provides excellent dental, spa and wellness and travel packages customized to meet your treatment requirements and, at the same time, treat you to an unforgettable guided visit that allows you to explore both the ancient and modern faces of Novi Sad, Serbia and the Balkans.

Medical Travel services in Serbia include transportation and concierge services creating independence for customers who love to travel but require assistance with a concierge companion, as well as hospital discharge, airport “transit care”, trip to the doctor/shops, full holiday package with personal assistance-private escort. We provide you the opportunity to enjoy a surprising and pleasant holiday and a medical tourism experience, assuring both a satisfying medical treatment and a relaxing holiday, with strong emphasis on our client’s safety and comfort. Panacomp provides guidance and coordination to medical tourism customers, finding high-quality, low-cost medical care in the Serbia and the Balkans, patient-oriented processes that will lead you to an improved life quality and achieve peace of mind, in the health and wellness sector, allowing customers to meet their medical needs while fulfilling their travel desires. Medical and wellness services available – dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, diagnostic or preventive health screening tests, or simply total Wellness Programs that will provide the best preventive health measure through a holistic approach, offering this experience in a comfortable and pleasant environment with the special atmosphere to help you fully relax, relieve depression and anxiety, optimize cardiovascular health, renew your outlook on life, enhance assimilation of nutrients, enjoy detox and anti-aging retreat, increase confidence, gain better physical and well-being condition, providing great help for chronic health problems such as chronic pain, arthritis, digestive issues, depression and inflammation…

Upon your request for particular medical treatment or specific wellness+spa services you will get a full package proposal /5-7-10-14 days/ with detailed quotation and list of recommended and side treatments and imaginative and unique tourist services….

Selected facilities for medical and wellness+spa services in Serbia and the Balkans to pamper yourself, that include a wide range of activities, all of which should be tailored towards making you feel happy and relaxed :

“Žiža Popović Dent” Novi Sad

Galleria Hotel Subotica

Izvor Hotel Arandjelovac Banja Spa

Idila Spa Hotel Zlatibor

Mona Hotel Zlatibor

Olimp Hotel Zlatibor

Premier Aqua Hotel Vrdnik Banja Spa

Royal Spa Banja Koviljaca Spa

Aman Sveti Stefan Montenegro

Bianca Resort Kolasin Montenegro

Regent Hotel Porto Montenegro Resort Montenegro

Splendid Spa&Conference Resort Becici Montenegro