Marina Apatin rooms

Marina Apatin rooms

Apatin is one of the most beautiful towns of Vojvodina, in the north-western part of the vast plains of the Bačka district, on the left shore of the Danube River, some 200 km away from Belgrade. The Dunavska obala public company covers 1,4 hectares and boasts 30 pontoons – piers that were constructed from the easy-floating concrete along the latest Swedish technology. Construction of the pontoon complex – Marina in Apatin started in 2006 as per project of “Hidroinvest”, in the close proximity of the Apatin Shipyard and the pier for tourist ships. The public entity was founded in 2012 which manages the whole complex in Apatin. The large bronze statue of the Goddess Nike with the Andrew cross in the hand decorates the Public Entity “Dunavska obala” in Apatin, making its trade mark which is the hallmark of seafarers.

Within the complex of the Public Entity there is the building of “Dom sportova na vodi” – Center for Water Sports which contains a restaurant, multifunctional hall for various events, the Fishing office of USR “Bucov”, laundry service as well as the shop for fishing and nautical equipment. Here in Marina Apatin there are 5 comfortable apartments and 3 rooms to rent, public bathrooms, space of the Apatin Diving Club and fishermen cabins. Apartments and rooms of the Marina Apatin are 4 rooms with single beds and 4 rooms with king size beds, equipped with modern funiture and comfortable amenities for a pleasant holiday or stay of numerous fishermen who truly enjoy in fishing along terrains of the Danube River in and around Apatin. This town in the most northwestern part of Vojvodina is for long time famous as the exceptional fishermen center and renowned for professional fishermen. Smoke-free apartments and rooms of the Apatin Marina are designed for comfortable stay in Apatin – laminate floors with carpets or carpeting, central heating, king size or single beds with soft linen, desk and chairs, wardrobe, equipped kitchen, cable LCD TV, WiFi, bathroom with shower and towels.

The wetland area of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reservation covers some 5560 hectares and makes natural habitat for various game and some 50 river fish species. Among the fish species in the Danube by Apatin are the most significant autochthone species as carp, pike, perch, catfish and other. Often some capital fish are caught here, especially the catfish that can be over 30 kg weight. There were some sea species caught here on the shores of the Danube in and around Apatin, like a sturgeon, beluga and eel. At present, the Apatin fishing area provide extraordinary possibilities for fishing in the Danube River, but also in numerous meanders, creeks and backwaters. Apatin is exclusively famous for its fishermen’s culinary tradition which is proudly represented in multiple decade long event of the Apatin Fishermen evenings – Apatinske ribarske večeri.

Besides hunting and fishing in the area of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reservation, visitor of Apatin enjoy in variety of activities in the nature or on waters – bicycle ride, eco safari, boat ride along the Danube, visit to the Temple of the Holy Apostles built on the shore of the Danube River in the old Serb-Byzantine architectural style, camping, visit to the nearby places and colorful village which proudly preserve rich multi-cultural traditions and customs like colorful village of Bački Monoštor and Bezdan, with the famous workshop of silk damask established in 1764, festivals and events…