Malca Winery Nis

Malca Winery Nis

The richness of uniquely interesting and varied cultural-historical and tourist offer of the town of Nis has been enriched with the development of the wine tourism. Only few kilometers from Nis, on the highway Niš Sofia – the former Via Militaris – Roman Emperors road, the Malca Wine Cellar, established in 1903 represents the unique centuries-long harmony of wine routes that intersected in this area, or crossed each other, or permeated and eventually had linked together into the attractive wine fairy tale. The Wine village of Malča spreads on 2 hectares, on the Malcanska River, providing nicely appointed walking trails or visit to the small lake or the Roman forum – the open air amphitheater. The Wine Cellar of Malča Niš represents its wine fairy tale by unique blend of traditions and culture of the Roman emperors, Serbian Medieval rulers and old and modern wine masters. Lovers of wine and history, in the uniquely pleasant and attractive Malca wine cellar can experience “Journey through the Wine Time”, while exploring the wine houses of four different historical periods and several ways of wine maintenance. The Malča Winery in Nis successfully organizes various memorable parties, wedding ceremonies and celebrations, and also different wine tasting that include tasting of few wines or rich menus of the finest food, paired with own original wines.

The Roman House is the wine cellar with amphora that is the best attraction of the Malca Winery, that brings visitors back into the distant past, and into the epicenter of the Wine story, where wines consumed by the Emperor Constantine the Great are tasted. Amphora are the oldest wine vessels from Georgia, that the Malca Winery brought to Serbia that made the wine offer exciting. In eight clay amphora of 2000 liters each, dig deep into the ground, wine macerates for long time, resulting in wines of unusual taste. The House of Nemanjićs of the Malča Winery is the wine cellar with wooden barrows where red wines are produced. During the reign of the Nemanjic Dynasty, red wines were produced and consumed in Serbia, so here visitors can taste the Rose wine produced of the Crna Tamjanika grape variety.

The Serbian House of the mid 20th century of the Malča Winery includes space with concrete ferments where is consumed the red semi-sweet wine Kalca, maintained along the old Nis recipe. The modern Malca Winery is the wine place with wines maintained under the latest technology in inox ferments, from where comes the premium line, called Anonymus.

The crown of the Malca Winey in Nis is the end of the journey in the restaurant of the Roman style, which is place for enjoyment on the terrace surrounded with vineyards, enriched with food prepared along the recipes of our ancestors. Here is the shop of wines, rakias and vinegar, providing option for enjoyment after the visit to the Malca Winery.

The Carica Jelena –Empress Helen- of the Malča Winery is white, dry wine, produced in amphora under technology of red wine production. Long period of aging in amphora provides this wine uniqueness which largely distinguishes itself from the other classic white wines. The white wine of Carica Jelena features dark- straw gold color, that after aging in the bottle for at least one year, develops the completely unique flavor of bee wax and the honey aroma. When tasted, it provides taste of candied fruit and various sorts of stewed fruits. This wine goes best with smoked cheese and smoked fish. The gentle tannin of this white grape variety contributes to its taste, making it consumed with some strong food, and option to be kept for longer time that other white wines can.

The Konstantin Veliki – Constantine the Great Wine is powerful red dry wine, of the rubi color, produced from Cabernet Souvignon and Merlot. This wine features complex smell that appears when it comes into the contact with air, best in decanter. It is very extractive, heavy wine, with expressive tertiar aromas that come from aging. Important characteristic of this wine is its extraordinary tannin structure that provides impressive character and also its long keeping in a bottle. Wines of this category may age in a bottle 10 to 15 years, gaining its quality in time.

The Rose Wine of Anonymus of the Malča Winery is light, fresh, dry wine of attractive, ‘almost rose’ color, that resembles the color of salmon, internationally recognized as „Provansa“ color of wine. The Anonimus wine is produced of grape variety of Franc, and features discrete fruity-sweet smell resembling the festivals candy. Gentle smell and structure of this wine provides its consumption with all food. The Anonimus Wine is produced in the most modern technology, of very clear smells and flavors. The discrete acidity of this wine contributes to specially refreshing character, so it can be regarded as the real „summer“ wine.

Niš and Serbia can be proud as winners on numerous national and international wine contests. ‘Love creates everything, and thus right here the Wine for Two was created’, say owners of the Malca Winery and their team, while smiling, claiming that their main aim is creating of Happiness !