Mackat rural household 134 Zlatibor

Mackat rural household 134 Zlatibor

Zlatibor rural tourism – Mackat village – Rural Household PANACOMP 134

The village of Mackat is located on the northeast slopes of Zlatibor Mountain, 11 km away from Uzice and 13 km away from the famous mountainous tourist center of Zlatibor. Mačkat is the good example how a village can become successful and widely famous, thanks to committed work and great efforts of its locals. This is evidenced by the rare fact in Serbia, that Mackat village increases its population and every year has more children born. Mackat village is famous for outstanding quality of smoke houses production where delicious smoked meat products come from, so it welcomes thousands of visitors from Serbia and abroad every January-February during the “Prsutijada” traditional Festival of meat processing and smoke houses genuine delicacies competition. This famous traditional festival in Mackat is good opportunity for tasting and buying genuine veal and pork smoked ham, bacon, cracklings… that are original and highly recommended reputed brands of Serbia. One of the oldest churches – of Saint Prophet Elias /Prophet Ilija/ and schools in Zlatibor area as well as well-known restaurants serving delicious roasted lamb and traditional Zlatibor specialties are located in the picturesque village of Mackat.

The house which provides tourist services in Mackat village is situated on the hill nearby the Saint Prophet Ilija church, at the altitude of 750 meters, from where spreads beautiful panorama on the surrounding fragrant meadows and the road to the village of Kriva Reka and hilly pastures and pine forests. The appearance of the entire Macka village property reminds of the “House from the fairy tales” as the house is entirely surrounded by beautiful garden full of greenery /pine and beech trees, strawberries and various colorful flowers/. In the basement there is the summer terrace where guest enjoy the fresh mountain air after walks along endless meadows and forests. The basement contains one three-bed room, bathroom, spacious living room and the kitchen which is “the food-Paradise” where diligent lady owner, upon request, prepares delicious Zlatibor food. She used to work in the Institution where she was cooking and serving food for the most important persons so is always ready to fulfill expectations of her guests preparing traditional food of Zlatibor region according to their wishes, when announced. From the living room the wooden stairs take you to the first floor which contains the small sitting room with TV set, two pleasant sleeping rooms /one with three separate beds and one with the King-bed/, spacious bathroom and the terrace. The sleeping room equipped with the King-bed has the terrace with the view to the surrounding landscape and makes very pleasant point for the morning relax in the bird warble while enjoying the homemade quince jelly and coffee.Total accommodation capacity of this Mackat rural household is 7 beds in three rooms and 2 bathrooms.

The sport terrains belonging to the local school in Mackat village are nearby and guests can use them /basketball, handball, volleyball, football grounds/. This rural household in Mackat village has been recognized and awarded in 2013 the best rural household provider by Zlatibor Tourist Organization.
Activities : walking, sports, culinary courses, local excursion, visit to the smoke house and tasting…
Nearby interesting places : excursions to the Region of West Serbia /Uvac Special Nature Reserve in Nova Varos, Mileseva Monastery, Zlatibor tourist center, Staro Selo Sirogojno Open Air Museum, Mecavnik Wooden Town, Sargan Eight train, Musvete Smoke House…/