Llura Nature Park

Lura Park of nature covers an area of 1,280 hectares to the east of “Lura’s Crown” in northeastern Albania. The Llura Nature Park – Parku Kombëtar i Lurës in Albanian is situated on the eastern slopes of Lura Mountain. Lura Mountain climbs up to a height of 1600 to 1700 meters, and features magnificent beech forests and high conifers. This remote area has great possibilities for developing eco-tourism. The most picturesque feature of the Llura Nature Park is the 14 glacial lakes of Lura which are frozen in the winter. To the south you can visit the “field of mares” which has a wide variety of colorful plants and coniferous trees.

The town of Peshkopi is about 25 km east of the National Park while villages of Fushë-Lurë and Sina e Epërme are even closer to the National Park.