Lim River

Lim River

Picturesque Lim river starts in socle of Prokletije mountain as shunt of wonderful Plav Lake in Montenegro on 999 meters altitude. Lim River is the Balkan river as it flows through Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and towns of Andrijevica, Berane, Bjelo Polje, Prijepolje, Priboj, Rudo and Medvedja where in valley at the altitude of 299 meters, between Goražde and Višegrad, it finishes as affluent of the Drina river.

The Lim River features uniquely green and emerald-green pure clear and icy-cold waters, with numerous high and steep sides of canyons and ravines, springs and sources, composite valley, plenty of fish species, artificial lakes, facilities for rafting and kayaking and cultural and historical monuments.

The Ali Pasha springs of the Lim River are located within the Prokletije National Park, in the north-easternmost part of Montenegro, some 10 km away from the Plav Lake, 1 km from the Gusinje village, and encircle a vast area of some 300 sq meters where the water comes from the earth. This mountainous place soon became the important place for relax of numerous caravans and traders on their road from Dubrovnik to Istanbul. The Ali Pasha springs got its name in the honor of Ali Pasha of Gusinje, the Albanian military commander who tried to impose the Albanian control in this territory after the Berlin Congress decision in 1878 which defined and proclaimed this area of the independent territory of Montenegro.

Root-name of Lim River is the Latin word „limes” (borders), because of its’ role through history as a border of Eastern and Western Roman Empire and also Ottoman and Austrian-Hungarian Empire. In the part of the Serbian river course, the two Hydro-power plants have been built on Lim River – Potpeć (54 MW) and Bistrica (104 MW), between whom there is the artificial Potpeć lake. Lim River forms a composite ravine valley, in which alternatively shift ravines and gorges, while the fertile area around the Lim River is called Polimlje.

Thanks to its wild waters, the Lim River is one of the most attractive and challenging for adventurous rafting among rivers of Serbia and thus one of the favorite destinations of PANACOMP TRAVEL. Deeper history base-word is from the Celtic expressions of llyn, llym, which mean drink, water, lake… Dragoljub R. Simovic: „Lim has preserved its’ magical value for start of 21 century, when it allowed us – a group of fearless enthusiasts, to dive in its’ emerald sacred water, that essentially changed our lives. We become the first Lim River rafters and ambassadors of Lim River….”


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Rafting on Lim River

Rafting on Lim River 2