Lepenac Monastery

Lepenac Monastery

Lepenac Monastery is located in the vicinity of Brzece town on the right bank of Rasina River, within the area of Lepenac village of Kopaonik Mt range in central Serbia. The monastery Church of Lepenac dates from the beginning of the 15th century and is probably endowment of Radic Postupovic, one of the most significant noblemen of Stefan Lazarevic, high county Duke of the state of Djuradj Brankovic.

The Monastery Church of Lepenac Monastery is dedicated to Saint Stephen. Its base is inscribed trefoil structure with narthex and the dome which stands on pillars. All apses of Lepenac Monastery are multi-sided from outside and semi-circular when you observe it from the inside of the church.

One feature of Lepenac Monastery Church is very interesting. Monastery is more than 20 meters long which makes it one of the largest structures of Morava school of architecture. The earliest layers of Morava style of construction are preserved up to the level of 2 meters. Presumably the construction of the Lepenac Monastery Church was continued in the 16th century, that resulted in the present day appearance of the Monastery.

Close to the settlement of Brzeće, on the road to the Kopaonik National Park, there are ruins of Metođe sanctuary from the 3rd century with the tiny church and the geyser. Brzeće village and the entire region of Kopaonik Mountain celebrate their holiday on the 3rd of July which is the Day of Saint Method.

Nearby there are remains of Milentija Monastery from the 14th century which is also the endowment of Radic Postupovic.