Latkovac Ethno Village Aleksandrovac

Latkovac Ethno Village Aleksandrovac

The Latkovac traditional tourist settlement of the diligent and extremely hospitable Knežević Family is located at the foot of the Kopaonik, Goc and Zeljin mountains in Central Serbia. The Latkovac rustic tourist complex is set at the elevation of 430 meters, 220 south of Belgrade, 38 km west of Krusevac and 3 km away from Aleksandrovac, the center of the famous Zupa wine region of Serbia. The Latkovac ethno-traditional tourist settlement consists of four houses for guests stay, a library with more than 3000 books, the ethno-shop selling original handmade souvenirs, stable and storage for agriculture products, that all provide excellent conditions throughout the year for relaxed holidays in well-preserved rural ambiance, with free Internet. Various imaginative cultural and artistic workshops and soft adventures with related activities, adjusted to weather conditions and guests wishes greatly contribute to memorable vacations in the Latkovac Ethno traditional rural settlement near Aleksandrovac. Thanks to unique tranquility and authencity of the entire rustic tourist complex and its quiet ambiance, and the enthusiastic spirit of owners who successfully run this place, turning the rich family tradition woven with true love into the real fairy tale, in time, the name of this place was proclaimed by guests into the Slatkovac – sweet place, which is fully deserved name. This name of the ethno-traditional tourist rustic complex in the center of Serbia keeps with pride nice memories of the grandmother Dara, clearing which surrounds it, memorable children mischief, bird warble, babbling of brook, smell of freshly baked bread, carelessly lying on the soft grass and rolling downhill to the brook, and other sweet and nice memories that childhood evokes…..….

All houses of the Latkovac tourist settlement are historical, built of mud, hay and massive wooden beams, painted in fresh, brigth and remarkable colors, erected by dedicated and hard work of ancestors of the Knezevic family, by using natural materials and skills and method how master households in Serbia used to be built in the past. The so-called Red house of the Latkovac Ethno-traditional settlement used to be a courtroom, and became privately owned at the beginning of the 20th century.  This is the oldest house in the village, more than 200 years old. The Red House of the Latkovac rural tourist complex features 3 rooms with own bathrooms – 1 twin room, 1 triple room and 1 double room with king size bed, which means it is very suitable for family vacations or stay of close friends. In reconstruction of one of the Latkovac houses, there was an inscription of “Srećna 1943. godina”- Happy New 1943, found on the door of the former wine cellar, which was carefully preserved as one of numerous details which testify on the turbulent and rich history of this tranquil hamlet. Inhabitants of the Latkovac village were highly reputed and famous wine producers, agriculture producers, craftsmen and artists. Other houses of the Latkovac tourist complex were built at the beginning of the 20th century that overcame and witnessed both world wars and nowadays proudly keep their long and interesting heritage. The Latkovac ethno tourist complex is surrounded with forest, and adorned with mulberry and oak and other original trees that make shadow, a spring, a small lake, children playground, place for barbecue, old-fashioned swing, and plenty of fragrant flowers and soft grass, with lazy chairs and original carpets for complete and blessed relaxation of guests.

Accommodation of guests of the Latkovac tourist complex is arranged in nicely and romantically appointed double and triple and 1 four-bed smoke-free rooms, equipped with comfortable single or king size beds, soft linen, wooden floors covered with rugs, bathrooms with showers, central heating. There are 11 rooms available at the Latkovac tourist complex, with full accommodation capacity of up to 25 guests.

Within the Latkovac tourist complex there is the traditional restaurant, aimed only for guests. Space of the restaurant was for two centuries a day prison of the Zupa County, and next 100 years a wine cellar, due to location right in the Zupa of Aleksandrovac – one of the most famous wine regions of Serbia. Here guests serve their guests exclusively traditional tasty food, prepared of organic vegetables and fruits from own production. Food is served either in the indoor restaurant or in the open terrace of the garden, which is the favorite place of guests to enjoy the whole day. Owners of the Slatkovac tourist complex make natural juices, slatko – fruit jelly, pickled salad and jams from supplies coming from the pure nature. Guests truly LOVE all food that owners grow and prepare, as it features smells and flavors of childhood. Vegetarian-vegan food is available as well.

In the grassy open yard there is the summer stage of the Latkovac tourist complex where numerous cultural and artistic events are organized throughout the year – concerts, music festivals, performances of national and local artists, or various workshops – culinary, painting, calligraphy, historical, archaeological, pottery, old crafts – weaving, embroidery, knitting, sewing, wool spinning, making baskets, carpentry, forge, copper-smiths…. During their vacations at the Latkovac traditional tourist complex, we warmly recommend guests to visit the nearby old town of Koznik, and famous wineries of the Zupa area, fully surrounded with vast vineyards that produce delicious Tamjanika wine, and along with finest food – provide enjoyment for all senses. This magic rustic and historical place full of charm is also very convenient for successful organization of various creative workshops and attractive team building programs, as it inspires visitors for fulfillment of their hidden talents and make them challenge their skills. Guests who come to the Latkovac tourist complex for shorter or longer family holidays or gathering with friends and companies in Zupa of Aleksandrovac, gladly return to enjoy with their hosts who are always keen to proudly present their rich heritage, enhanced with love from their clear hearts !