Kutmičevica Boarding House and Restaurant Vevčani

Kutmičevica Boarding House and Restaurant Vevčani

Kutmičevica Boarding House in Vevcani village promotes the historical and cultural heritage of the picturesque village of Vevčani, some 22 km away from Ohrid. With its traditional architecture and long history, the Vevcani village itself is an open air museum, as the masonry craftsmanship is carried from generation to generation and is still the basic occupation of the locals.

This wonderfully restored 19th century rooming-house in Vevcani has been true to the commitment, as it has retained its original structure and been kitted out with authentic fixtures and furnishings. Positioned in the higher part of the picturesque village of Vevcani, the pension’s restaurant Kutmicevica uses the advantage of the completely unpolluted soil around the village to grow and produce organic vegetables and fruits.

During their stay in this comfortable Vevcani facility, guests will see up close the support being extended to the continued preservation of the regions traditional structures, extraordinary cuisine and rituals and beautiful panorama of the Struga Valley and the magnificent Ohrid Lake. Kutmičevica Boarding House with restaurant has double and three-bed comfortable, nicely appointed apartments with private facilities-shower, air-conditioning, cable TV and free Internet, and lots of authentic and original details – wooden floors, hand woven rugs…. At the Kutmicevica Boarding House in Vevcani guests can feast on hearty Macedonian cuisine, along with the extremely friendly hosts and local community, often with live music. The Kutmicevica Restaurant has the large dining hall with 60 seats and outdoor terrace with some 30 seats, that has magnificent view. The Kutmičevica Restaurant is part of the Slow Food Travel as it serves finest original food to guests – Vevcani tiny pies, kačamak, djomleze, piperki so luk – peppers with onion, ayvar – pepper relish, cheese, Vevčanski lukanec, roasted lamb, piglet cooked under the pot, various fresh or pickled salads, original sweets… The Kutmicevica Boarding House with Restaurant in Vevcani village owns a vineyard and produces its own wine and superb grape brandy, which are served to true lovers of delicious beverages. Kutmičevica Boarding House with Restaurant in Vevčani surely makes tour to Macedonia memorable.

The village of Vevcni or Vevčani is located at a distance of 14km from Struga town and Ohrid lake, at the foot of the Jablanica mountain range. Within the vicinity of the village of Vevčani there are many glacial lakes. The highest and most prominent Vevcani glacial lake is “Lokva” which is situated at over 2000 meters above sea level on Jablanica Mountain. The famous Vevčani springs are some of the most famous springs to be found in Macedonia and surely the most beautiful natural attraction of Macedonia. The springs are located on the eastern slope of the Jablanica mountain range whose fragrant slopes run through the village of Vevčani at an approximately sea level altitude at over 900 meters. The largest Vevcani spring is located at the opening of one of the many caves in the region. Below the largest Vevcani spring are ten minor springs which all converge together. The most famous Vevcani spring is the “Jankov Kamen” spring which is situated at 1200 meters above sea level. Another Vevcani spring is “Mala Livada” from which the water has a unique flavor and color. It is situated at over 1600 meters above sea level. The highest Vevcani spring is “Golina” situated at over 2000 meters above sea level. The rate of water flow from the springs is estimated to exceed the rate of 1500 liters per second, most notably in Spring. In Vevčani village you can obtain the Vevčani Passport.

Places to see : magic Vevcani Springs, preserved traditional architecture, green market, Birth-house of parents of Mihajlo Pupin – famous Serbian physicist, inventor and physical chemist, Cave Church in Radozda village, remains of the Via Egnatia ancient Roman road