Kuca Todoric – Todoric House to rent Bogutovac village

Kuca Todoric – Todoric House to rent Bogutovac village

The Kuća Todorić – House of Todoric Family to rent is comfortable rental of tourist accommodation – weekend house to rent in the Valley of the Lopatnica River, in the Bogutovac village, 24 km south of Kraljevo, in central Serbia. Yard of the Todoric House is set on the main road so-called the Ibar road which connects Bogutovac and Lopatnica villages, on the northern slope of the Troglav Mountain. The Kuća Todorić – Todoric House in Bogutovac village is built in the eighties of the 20th century for weekend holidays of the owners, and in 2018 it was fully refurbished and nicely appointed to welcome guests. The Kuća Todorić – Todoric House to rent in Bogutovac village is encircled by shade of pines, and decorated with spacious yard full of flowers and grass. Although it is surrounded with trees, the Kuća Todorić features plenty of natural light inside, while from bedrooms spreads beautiful view to the Stolovi Mountain. Elevation of the Kuca Todoric is some 400 meters. The tourist facility of the Kuća Todorić – Todoric House to rent is 35 sq meters organized on 2 floors. On the first floor of the Kuca Todoric House to rent there is a twin room with 2 separate beds, a kitchen and bathroom with shower, while on the second floor there are small living room, bedroom with a king size bed, another bathroom also with shower and two small terraces. Amenities and equipment of the Kuća Todorić – Todoric House to rent provide guests relaxing holidays – parquet-laminate floors, carpeting-hand woven rugs, comfortable beds and furniture of wood…. Guests of the Kuća Todorić in Bogutovac during their short stay or holidays have at their disposal few wireless Internet and satellite TV. Kitchen of the Kuća Todorić – Todoric House to rent in Bogutovac is fully equipped with cutlery and dishes for food preparations, sink, fridge, oven, washing machine and dining table with 4 chairs, and outdoor place for barbecue. Besides linen, toiletries and towels, there are washing machine and stand (rack) for drying laundry. Bathrooms come with showers, while the Todoric House to rent is connected with the spring water of extraordinary quality.

Guests who rent the Kuca Todoric – Todoric House to rent may park their car right in front of the owners’ house and yard, some 100 meters away. One reaches the Kuca Todoric – Todoric House to rent by stairs. The Kuća Todorić – Todoric House to rent is not available in winter. The road/path to the yard of the Kuca Todoric is regularly maintained in snow conditions, while rooms are heated with the Norwegian radiators. Here at the Todoric House to rent – Kuca Todoric there are all conditions for a quiet and invigorating holidays, far away from the urban centers, so guests only need to come and enjoy in pleasant rural atmosphere.

Some 200 meters from the Kuća Todorić – Todoric House to rent there is nicely appointed beach on the clear mountainous river of Lopatnica, rich in fish and crabs, testifying on pure clean waters and environment. When you go to bed, there is a relaxing water bubble making you fall asleep. Besides small number of cars, there is not any source of pollution in the wider area. 4 kilometers from the Kuca Todoric House to rent there is the nearest grocery shop, the petrol station, the famous traditional restaurant ”Kafana kod Mira”, appointed pool of the ”Matovića vodenica” /Matovic water mill/, the Ibar River… There is option to arrange homemade pension food for guests staying at the Kuca Todoric, prepared from supplies and ingredients of local production, in the nearby traditional settlement.

If guests of the Kuća Todorić House to rent are keen to take some adventurous outdoor activities there is a big offer and various options to choose from: rafting along the Ibar River, Jeep tour up to the peaks of the Stolovi Mountain, tandem gliding jumps, hiking and mountaineering along trails in forest and meadows, collecting herbs, mushrooms and wild products of nature…  Among the monuments of culture and sites in vicinity we warmly recommend guests of the Kuca Todoric House to rent to visit the Maglic Fortress, the Zica and Studenica Monasteries, the Upper ascetic cell with option to attend the Liturgy in the Studenica Monastery, the Nova Pavlica Monastery, the Stara Pavlica church, the Gradac Monastery, the Ljubostinja Monastery, the monasteries of the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, the SS Peters church, Monastery of Đurđevi Stupovi and Sopoćani Monastery in Novi Pazar /UNESCO heritage sites/…. If guests of the Kuca Todoric House to rent wish they might visit the National Museum in Kraljevo, the Gospodar Vasin konak and the sweetest museum of Serbia /museum of slatko-fruit jelly/ the House of the Cvetic Family in Kraljevo. Thermal spas in the surroundings: Bogutovačka Banja – Bogutovac Banja Spa (2,5 km), Mataruška Banja – Mataruska Banja Spa (16 km), Vrnjačka Banja – Vrnjci Banja Spa (48 km), Banja Gornja Trepča – Gornja Trepca Banja Spa (54 km), Jošanička Banja – Josanica Banja Spa (64 km), Ovčar Banja – Ovcar Banja Spa (66 km), Novopazarska Banja – Novi Pazar Banja Spa (84 km).