Kremna village – Rural Household 088

Kremna village – Rural Household 088

Uzice rural tourism – Kremna village – Rural Household 088

This respectable Household in Kremna village in South-west Serbia gets exceptionally good reviews of clients, and  is considered one of the best rural households of Serbia. The rural household of the diligent Ivanovic family was the first to start providing tourist services in the area of Tara Mountain/National Park and Zlatibor tourist center. It is located in the center of picturesque Kremna village, famous for its gorgeous nature, fresh air, pleasant climate and Tarabic prophets with their surprising prophesies. Krema village belongs to the Uzice Municipality and divides the Zlatibor Mountain from the Tara Mountain/National Park, whose beautiful slopes rise between the elevation of 750 – 850 meters. Thanks to its invigorating characteristics – wonderful scenery, intact nature and abundance of meadows and pastures and crystal-clear streams, Kremna village has been proclaimed the air spa. When arrived here, you get immediately close to the fairy landscape and enriching benefits and flavors of pure nature or Tara Mountain. Hosted by diligent and hospitable Host – Mrs Rose /Ruza/ and all members of her family, popular for the wonderful garden full of flowers and greenery, that was awarded the most beautiful rural garden in the region, as well as delicious home-made meals prepared in traditional way, you feel as at home and come back again. This uniquely pleasant rural household in Kremna village is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside.

The accommodation is provided within the main house in one double room with king bed and spacious three-bed room with usage of a comfortable bathroom. Guests staying here have the opportunity to sleep in comfortable beds arranged with hand-embroidered linen and numerous ethnographic details and hand woven carpets and rugs. Beside the accommodation in the central house, there are two traditional chalets-cottages furnished in wood adjusted for three guests, featuring private facilities and the fire place, the most popular gathering point of all guests during winters. Thanks to abundant quantities of food – rich half-board is served in the central dining room in the ground floor of the house during winter and on beautiful green veranda in summer. Memorable traditional specialties are available to fulfill your excitements of true Serbian vacation : natural honey, kaymak, traditional bread, young cheese, gibanica-cheese pie, zeljanica-spinach pie, various fresh salads, smoked ham, baked lamb… and fantastic sarma which is the perfect part of the winter menu !

During stay you can take long walks through magic forests along the well-marked trails of the Tara National Park, up to Mecavnik Wooden Town and the Sargan 8 train /11km/, Zlatibor tourist center, along beautiful fragrant meadows, take culinary classes conducted by fantastic Mrs. Rose, handwork and crafts… One thing is sure : staying here you will feel entirely refreshed, enjoying your sleep like a baby…..

Places of interest : ,,Tarabić Prophets” /4km/, Zlatibor Mountain /25km/, Tara Mountain /8km/, Šargan Eight Train /12km/, Drvengrad Mećavnik Wooden Town /10km/ and Stari most in Višegrad /30km – Old Bridge in Višegrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina – UNESCO site/. Activities : collecting aromatic and medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest products, walking, mountaineering, local excursions, horse-back riding in the nearby Horse-riding Club, fishing, culinary and handwork courses conducted by excellent cook Mrs Ruza – Mrs Rose. During stay in this unique traditional complex in Zlatibor district we strongly recommend visit to the Zlatibor Smoke-House in Musvete village which manufactures finest Dalmatian prosciutto and other delicacies, and provides memorable and outstanding experiences.