Kovacevic Winery Irig

Kovacevic Winery Irig

The first experiences in grape growing and wine production of the Kovacevic Family date from the beginning of the 20th century. The viticulture and wine production tradition of the Kovacevic Winery, which is more than 100 years old, today aims to produce wines of the Fruska Gora Mt region which contain the secrets of the highest quality wines – balanced and distinguished aroma and bouquet, harmony and authenticity of origin. In 2000, as the crown of hundred years old tradition, the Kovacevic Winery started construction of the new winery, where the modern wine equipment is installed, and where the modern wine technology is applied, along with the traditional methods of wine making, which nowadays provide all conditions for production of the high quality wines.

In 2013 the Kovacevic Winery in Irig bought the old wine cellar of Irig, once one of the largest and most reputed wine cellars in the former Yugoslavia. Various types or vinificators for production of red wines enable blend of traditional and modern features, while wines mature in barrique barrows made of selected oak wood. The Kovacevic Winery uses all  available scientific and technological achievements in production of white wines as the wine tanks of various sizes keep the characteristic Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc in a number of styles, with the idea to gain the final products which would be most complex and of a character. At the beginning the Kovacevic Winery produced around 10000 liters of wine, to extend its production during years, and to reach the wine production today which exceeds 500000 bottles per year.

After construction of the winery was completed, the long tradition of wine production of the Kovacevic Family was taken over by the third generation representative, Mr Miroslav Kovacevic, who created a new and modern winery, with the idea to introduce the viticulture and wine traditions of his grandfather and father into the 21st century and make foundation for the wines of the fourth generation of the family, with help of the modern and innovative wine technologies. Miroslav Kovačević succeeded in his determination to bring back the reputation of wine in this part od Srem, right with continuation of the long tradition of the Wine cellar 1930 – Podrum 1930 in Irig – with the wish to connect the traditions with the modern trends. Wines of the Kovačević Winery come from the grapes of the family vineyards in Irig, as well as from the Fruska Gora vineyards and the wider area of Srem wine region. Since the beginning of its business until the present, the Kovacevic Winery went through the transition from the small family winery and reached the status of the leading winery in Serbia. As the trade mark of the new winery, the Kovacevic Winery launched the new Orfelin wine line which include the white, rose and red wines. Those wines are named after the first eologist, literate and highly knowledgeable wine expert, Zaharije Orfelin, in order to pay respect and honor to the wine histtry and gain the special sign to those new wines. Today is the Kovačević Winery widely known and recognized for its high quality wines –  Aurelius, Chardonnay, Chardonnay Barrique, Rajnski Rizling, Sauvignon, Cuvée Piquant Rosetto, sparkling champagne Kovačević wine, Bermet, Orfelin.

In the Kovačević Winery in Irig are organized wine tasting with paired wines and food, where every wine is paired with the specific food. During wine tasting and when the food is served, waiters shortly present to visitors the main characteristics of the served wine and food. It is also possible to visit the winery, which includes touring the wine production department and explanation of a professional about the whole process of wine production – from the receipt of grapes, production and visit to the archive cellar and the barrique hall. Tour of the Winery lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and is continued with the visit to the restaurant of the Kovacevic Winery with selected wine tasting, as the winery is 5 km away from the restaurant.

Specialties served in the comfortable and spacious restaurant -with the fire place – of the Kovacevic Winery are prepared of supplies by the best local producers and spiced with herbs from Fruska Gora region. So here is delivered the freshly caught fish from the Danube river, the fresh vegetables from the Srem local producers, and meat from selected producers of Serbia, and selected cheese which come from small farms of Vojvodina. All food that is served in the Kovacevic Winery is prepared with special attention of best chefs, so that visitors have opportunity to taste the ample culinary experience, which come from the excellent wines and finest delicious food. Here is just a touch of food served at the Kovacevic Winery : Pudarski paprikaš – homemade veal paprikash, Duck breasts in wine sauce, Turkey fillet in wine sauce with pear, Irig salad, pudding with poppy in cherry sauce, šnenokle /’Birds milk’ literary translation of the Hungarian name of this creamy beaten egg whites cooked with Vanilla…./ and other fantastic food.

Of 4 apartments of the Kovacevic Winery, three apartments cover 40 sq m, while 1 apartment is 80 m in size. Every apartment is equipped with AC, LCD TV, free WiFi, mini bar. Visitors who stay in the apartments of the Kovacevic Winery in Irig, and all visitors who come to enjoy in excellent wine have free parking.