Kotromanicevo Traditional Settlement Doboj

Kotromanicevo Ethno Tourist Settlement Doboj

The tourist ethno village “Royal village Kotromanićevo” is located 20 km from Doboj to Derventa, 45 km from the Croatian border and the highway. Etno village Kotromanićevo is named after Kotromanić Family, the Serbian ruling dynasty of the Medieval Bosnia, which approximately ruled from 1250 to 1463, starting with the Bosnian ban /lord/ Prijezda, who entered history during the Crusaders wars 1234-1239, until Stefan Tomašević Kotromanić, the last king of the royal family, who was until execution in 1463 trying to defend the country from the Ottomans and whose descendants Sigismund i Katarina, converted to Islam, after tha fall of Bosnia under the Ottoman rule during the conquest led by Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror. Kotromanićs enjoyed the title of ban until the coronation of king Tvrtko I of Serbs in 1377, confirmed by kinship with Nemanjići, since he was the grandson of king Dragutin’s daughter Jelisaveta, who was married to Stefan I Kotromanić. The main Kotromanićs holding were in central Bosnia, in the valley of the Bosnia River to Vranduk Lašva region, and they have possessed major cities of Visoko, Sutjeska, Bobovac, Fojnica, and the surrounding mining settlements…
The Kotromanićevo Ethno village has been built on the shore of the Veličanka river, rich in fish and seashell which speaks all of its purity, fit into the ambient of untouched nature. The enjoyment of visitors in the preserved natural environment, old royal ambience and authentic architecture of the Bosnian kings, making ideal choice to escape from the busy city. For its coat of arms, Kotromanići took the shield with lilies, which are the main characteristic of this royal dynasty. The Kotromanovićevo ethno village in Doboj area provides accommodation in nicely appointed double rooms with spacious beds in traditional wooden log cabins /total of 15 beds/, each including a small living room, bedroom, air-conditioning, bathroom with shower, mini bar, satellite TV, central heating, private courtyard with barbecue place. Visitors use this fairy tale ambience of the Kotromanicevo traditional settlement for rest, relaxation, party, fun, engagement, birthday, wonderful wedding or other pleasurable experiences.
The Kotromanićevo Ethno village includes local handicrafts market with locally grown eco-products, children playground, water mill and other entertainment facilities, lake, camping, a space dedicated to artists during the art colonies. The restaurant of the Kotromanovićevo Ethno village is called „the Royal water”with a tower and is situated in the central part of the estate, with capacity of 230 seats and the winter garden with 200 seats. Here visitors enjoy in a variety of celebrations, business meetings, events, team building programs and other form of socialization with authentic delicacies prepared from ingredients produced in this area along traditional medieval recipes – trout or beef or lamb cooked with vegetables, homemade donuts with Doboj creamy kaymak and yoghurt, „Royal scrambled eggs”, „Princess breakfast”…
Restaurants of the Kotromanićevo Ethno village features warm and uniquely decorated medieval ambiance – many replicas of medieval coats of arms, shields, swords and antiques, recalling the old-fashioned royal house fulfilling all the senses, or during winter listening cracking fire from the open fireplace. During their stay in the Kotromanićevo etno village visitors enjoy in a great choice of attractions and activities – walking through untouched nature of the hilly landscapes of the Vučjak Mountain, touring of the Medieval fortress in the region (Doboj, Modričak, Maglaj, Tesanj, Slavonski Brod), organization of „Knight tournaments” and „Medieval dinner”, organized hunting with local hunting associations, fishing on the Bosnia and Veličanka and Ukrin rivers, paragliding in Ozren Mountain, riding a mountain bike on the Ozren,Vučjak and Krnjin Mountains, paintball, photo-sessions in costumes of princess and knights, the Medieval knights swordsmanship performances, wellness in Vrućica Banja Spa or a choice of relaxing massage in the room, boating on the Veličanka river, enjoyment in football or volleyball on the sand on the sport grounds of the Tourist Ethno complex of Kotromanicevo. Visitors also relax while fishing on the river or hiking along the marked hiking trails, using free hiking sticks. A wine road which leads to the vineyard is 5 km away. The main Road is only 100 meters away from the Kotromanicevo tourist settlement. A bus stop, with connections to Zagreb, Banja Luka and Belgrade is 200 meters away from this romantic tourist complex.