Kosovo and Metohija Tour 2

Kosovo and Metohija Tour 2




Ras Museum, St Peters Church, Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, Sopocani Monastery, Crna Reka Monastery, Velika Hoca, Zociste Monastery, Visoki Decani Monastery, Pec Patriarchate Monastery, Rugova Gorge, The Holy Virgin of Ljevish Church Prizren, The Holy Archangels Monastery Prizren, Shar Mountain and National Park, Brezovica Ski Center, Gracanica Monastery, The Empress Town Lebane, Vlasina Lake…

Kosovo and Metohija is the crossroads of more than eight directions, some of which used to be major lines of communications in the middle ages between Europe and the Adriatic Sea, and Near and/or Middle and Far East. Complex geo-historical conditions, pronounced geomorphological plasticity with numerous gorges and canyons, and high mountains, its specific position at the contact point of coastal and continental parts of the Balkans, and being the hydro-graphic center of the Balkan peninsula – all these elements contribute to fascinating natural riches and the diversity of wildlife in Kosovo and Metohija, thus defining the region as one of the major centers of European biodiversity. Sheltered by the high and seemingly impassable mountainous enclosure of gorgeous Prokletije Mt. /2.656m/, Shara Mt. /Sar-planina 2.651m/ and Kopaonik Mt. /2.017m/, the area of Kosovo and Metohija is at the time easy to approach via a number of natural corridors which have throughout history been open to the incoming influences of different civilizations. Studded with more churches and monasteries than any other Serbian land /the identified presence of 1.500 monuments of Serbian culture/, Kosovo and Metohija became the spiritual nucleus of Serbs and was always treated as the birthplace of Serbia.
Take the UNIQUE privilege to attend the latest KOSOVO and METOCHIA TOURS and witness hidden information on the KOSOVO catastrophe of so-called “multi-ethnic Kosovo” IN FRONT OF YOU ! This primarily cultural and rather adventurous route enables secure assessment to the heartland of the Serbian culture and exploration of the spring-well of Serbian historical traditions at its best ! Visiting precious Kosovo and Metohija shrines /nowadays extremely endangered/, as well as encounters with common brave Serb population living in isolated ghettos of Velika Hoca and Orahovac and Gorazdevac, striving for survival under tremendous pressure, experiencing atrocities and crimes against humanity under the constant lack of basic human rights … will make all who catch this possibility truly shocked and will encourage them to ask questions and discover what is going in Kosovo right now…All learned on this exquisite tour will be afterwards strongly memorized and appreciated enabling real paths to enlightenment benefiting the locals in Kosovo and Metohija…

Day 1 Evening departure from Belgrade at 21,00 and drive southwards along Ibar motorway with short brakes for refreshment….

Day 2 Early morning arrival to Novi Pazar and visit to Ras Museum, St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church and Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, the endowment of Stefan Nemanya, once the seat of powerful Serbian medieval State. Drive on along Raska River Valley to Sopocani Monastery and tour of the magnificent world famous frescoes. Drive on via Ribarici to Crna Reka Monastery, situated on the cliff above the Black River. Visitation, monastic lunch. Drive on to Velika Hoca village, isolated Serbian ghetto in central Kosovo and Metohija with 16 Christian churches. Traditional welcome by local population and accommodation in private households. Visit to Monasteries of St. Nicholas, St. John’s, St. Archdeacon Stephen, St.Ann’s, famous Decanska vinica – Decani Winery, the newly rebuilt House of Hadzispasic Family…. Delicious Metohija Wines tasting in authentic wine cellar /possibility of buying delicious wines from local producers/. Folklore performance, handwork and old-crafts exhibition /possibility of buying unique handwork from local artisans/. Traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 3 After breakfast drive to nearby Zočište village and visit to Monastery of St. Healers Cosmos and Damian, fully rebuild after demolition in March 2004. Drive on along the western part of Kosovo and Metohija to Decani Monastery, the most significant and majestic endowment of St.King Stefan of Decani, built in 13th century. The Holy Liturgy, tour of the Monastery Complex with visit to the Icon workshop. Drive to Gorioc Monastery and sightseeing. Drive on to the Pec Patriarchate Complex, located at the very entrance of the Rugova Gorge near Pec along the Pec Bistrica River. Visitation of Complex of four medieval Monasteries. Accommodation and dinner in Monastery Dormitory/special regime of behavior/.

Day 4 After breakfast and conversation with nuns drive to Prizren. Walk along the center of former Tzar’s Town and visit to the The Church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevis in Prizren /the Most Holy Theotokos/ one of the most important monuments of Byzantine art and architecture, the artistic value of which surpasses national borders built in 13th century housing monumental medieval fresco decoration heavily damaged in 2004 March attacks by Albanian extremists. Visit to the Church of St. Savior, thoroughly rebuilt after demolition. Drive on along the Prizren Bistrica River valley to the Monastery of Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Visitation of the ruins of former splendorous Medieval Complex built by Serbian Tzar Dusan, one of the most monumental architectural complex of holy shrines well-kept as the stronghold surrounded by walls around the whole complex that is connected with Visegrad fortification on top of the safeguarding point. Drive on to Strpce and Brezovica villages at the foothill of fascinating Shara Mountain. Cordial welcome by local population. Accommodation in mountainous cottages and traditional households situated within the intact nature of Shara Mountain and National Park and Brezovica Ski Center. Walks “along the Tzar Dusan’s meadows” featuring breathtaking natural beauties. Traditional dinner with folklore performance, overnight.

Day 5 After breakfast drive to Gracanica Monastery, the famous endowment of King Milutin built in 14th century. Sightseeing tour and short refreshment organized by local inhabitants. Drive to Gazimestan, the place of famous battle in 1389. with the Monument of Kosovo heroic victims. Afternoon drive via Medvedja and Lebane to Archaeological site Caricin Grad – The Empress’ Town. Sightseeing tour. Drive on via Leskovac to Vlasina Lake. Accommodation in hotel overlooking beautiful lake shore in the heart of intact nature. Traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 6 After breakfast entertainment program enjoying the natural beauties of Southern Serbia located in the pure natural ambiance. Traditional lunch. Afternoon departure for Belgrade with late evening arrival. End of program.

Price : 385 EUR per person    Minimum: 20 participants

Included: luxurious coach transportation, 2 overnights with accommodation in traditional households /facilities/, 2 overnights with accommodation in monasteries /facilities/, 1 overnight with 3 stars hotel accommodation, meals and brunches on local home-made full-board basis, wine tasting, folklore performances, UN-KFOR-EULEX Security Police guard throughout Kosovo and Metohija, professional PANACOMP guidance and logistics.

NOTE: Visits to Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches are on the program free of charge, but visitors traditionally donate sums of their personal choice /please inquire for further information – thank you!/