Kosjeric Rural Tourism

Kosjeric is traditionally oasis of rural tourism of Serbia, located in the picturesque valley of small Skrapež river in western Serbia. Kosjeric is surrounded in the north by slopes of the gorgeous Valjevo Mountains of Maljen and Povlen, and in the south by mountains of Crnokosa and Jelova Gora. Thanks to its natural features and well organized authentic rural tourist households, Kosjerić is one the leading destinations of rural tourism in Serbia. Main agricultural activities of Kosjeric are cattle-breeding and fruit production, so the whole area is abundant in fruit orchards of extraordinary quality, around which livestock enjoy the freedom to roam in the pastures. Thanks to its rich mountainous vegetation, Kosjeric and surroundings provide visitors endless possibilities to breathe the clear mountainous air, while enjoying the pleasant walks through forests and meadows, and collecting medicinal herbs and forest products. The church dedicated to Saint George is located in Kosjerić, which is one of the samples of the Serbian architecture in wood, from the beginning of the 19th century. There are dozens of well-preserved stone monuments – krajputasi, whose inscriptions carved in stone are the unique war chronicle and make one of the features of this beautiful part of Serbia.

The 15 cycling routes of total 400 km have been marked within the West Serbia area, in favour of the active bikers and cyclists outdoor vacations. In this way the marked cycling routes connect tourist destination which provide visitors and locals choice of their wishes and physical conditions, as well as to choose tourist attractions they want to visit. Zlatibor is connected with the Tara Mountain via Mokra gora, Divčibare with the Užice area, Kosjerić and Požega. Arilje and Ivanjica are connected with the Golija Mountain, Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Pešter Plateau, Zlatar and Prijepolje. The cycling routes are well marked with the tourist signposts, there are wooden coverage in the resting points for cyclists, hikers and mountaineers. For the active vacations in this beautiful part of Serbia, there are available bikes to rent.