Kosjerić rural tourism – Mionica Milogosce rural household 125

Kosjerić rural tourism – Mionica Milogosce rural household 125

Household of “Milogosce” is located in Mionica village, 9 km away from town of Kosjeric, some 150 km southwest of Belgrade, on the gentle slopes of the beautiful Valjevo and Divcibare Mountains, at the altitude of 670 meters. Divcibare is one of the best mountainous tourist centers in Serbia. Divcibare tourist center is famous for fragrant meadows, beautiful trekking trails and terrains and ski slopes that attract lots of visitors and nature lovers from Serbia and abroad in all seasons.

Thanks to large areas of pine and birch woods, sparkled by flower glades with remedial herbs within entirely intact natural environment, this household in Mionica hamlet in Kosjeric Municipality has been traditionally involved in beekeeping for almost 100 years. Your vacations in the well-preserved Kosjeric eco environment and beautiful nature allows you to take invigorating walks, recreate, swim in the pool during hot summer days, feed domestic animals, make excursion to nearby sites and cultural landmarks – the Log Church in Seca reka village, visit to the famous Zaric brandy production factory – awarded with most prestigious international prizes, take part in sports, refresh in the pool within the estate, go hunting, fishing, picking up wild forest fruits and remedial herbs, as well as to take part in various rural lifestyle routine or carefree recreational and hassle-free entertainment and mountainous outdoor activities.

Stay at Milogosce rural household in Kosjeric provides guests to enjoy in many tasteful traditional homemade specialties. Homemade cheese, kaymak, fresh milk and dairy products, smoked ham, different meat dishes, roasted meat or cooked in ceramic pots, meat rolls and various salads and desserts are all prepared in this household. The food is prepared from local ingredients and produces grown in own production, because diligent hosts breed domestic animals on their vast estate. The recipes have been passed from generation to generation, thus preserving the authenticity and unforgettable taste of the food served here. In this household you will be able to choose your own dish, as well as the time when you want your meal served.

Milogosce rural household complex boasts five first class triple bedrooms, with lovely own bathrooms-showers, balconies, wireless Internet, and central heating. The interior of all rooms of the Milogosce rural complex is furnished with natural materials such as wood and brick. The rooms are decorated with handmade carpets, rugs, footpaths, and covers, giving them a special appearance and warm atmosphere. Bathrooms are equipped with showers and sanitary elements which satisfy the clients/consumer standards. Guest common space accommodates up to 70 persons in the large dining room with a kitchen and bathroom, and makes favorite break spot during vacations or comfortable place for tasty meal and refreshment for numerous trekkers and hikers who hike along the hiking trails in the Valjevo area. Well preserved customs and tradition, ecological ambiance, beautiful surrounding green landscapes and full rustic comfort of this household make vacations here a complete joy. This rural household is specialized in special educational summer and winter camps for small children and youngest. Students of the Sonja Marinkovic Novi Sad enjoyed special folklore courses conducted by the choreographers of the Sonja Marinkovic Folklore Association Novi Sad, while staying in this rural household. During their stay here students experienced rural lifestyle and all its features !

On the way from Kosjeric to Valjevo, 9 km from the main motor road, on the gentle slopes of the Subjel peak, a narrow village road through thick forest and mountain brooks takes you to the Mionica village. This village is 9 km far from Kosjeric, at 620 meters above the sea level. There are 232 inhabitants, living in 79 households. The main agricultural engagement in Kosjeric is the cattle breeding and fruit growing, yet this picturesque village is best known for plum growing and fantastic rakija – fruit brandy, thanks to its outstanding soil quality. The Mionica village is a typical mountainous quiet village, dispersed over the hills of the Western Serbia, decorated by green idyllic pasturages and fragrant meadows, as well as large areas of deciduous and evergreen woods. Thanks to the rich vegetation of this mountainous-hilly area you can enjoy inhaling the clean and invigorating mountain air.

Below the peak of Subjel /924 m/, the Mionica River springs up. Mionica is a typical mountain river; fast, full of smaller rapids with its course curving through the hilly area. Most frequent fish in the waters of the Mionica river are chub, and dudgeon, so that guests who like fishing will enjoy their favorite activities. Within the Srbija Sume estate, not far from the village, there is a hunting resort Maljen-Bukovi, rich in games – doe, wild boar, and rabbit. Local hunter associations with experience over the past decades, is available for any further information related to hunting. The entire area of Mionica village is characterized by a wealth of remedial herbs growing in an outstanding unpolluted environment – mint, St John’s wort, yarrow, chamomile, etc. It is worth mentioning that there are many forest fruits in the West Serbia, of which wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, red berries, blackberries, are the most frequent ones. The region is also rich with mushrooms, featuring numerous locations where they can be picked, and hosts are familiar with the mushroom types picked in a certain periods of the year. Sojourn in this untouched nature will be ideal for walks, recreation, excursions and culture exploration, visit to the famous Zaric Distillery producing fantastic brandies that have been awarded with best international prizes, sport activities, and swimming in the pool or in the quick Mionica river. For hiking and walks there are well marked mountain paths which takes you to Divcibare Mountain center, and up to the Subjel peak, where from you will enjoy an unforgettable panoramic views of the area and the gorgeous West Serbia. Kosjeric area and surroundings are ideal for biking fans in spring and summer, while skiing and sledging provide outstanding excitements during winter season.