Korab Mountain

Mount Korab /”Golem Korab”) is the highest mountain of both Albania and Macedonia. Actually, the Korab’s gigantic peaks form a frontier between the two Balkan countries. The Korab mountain is adjacent to the Sar Mountains /Sharr Mountain/ and makes the most stunning and the most beautiful mountainous terrain of Macedonia which is part of the Mavrovo National Park. The Korab Mountain features a number of gigantic peaks that are higher than 2000 meters and its range stretches over 40 kilometers in a north-south direction between the lower section of the Black Drin River and its tributary Radika River.

Small Korab Gate is the mountain pass on the border of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia situated southwest of the main Korab Mountain summit, which is the highest mountain of both countries. Small Korab Gate is high, and is 403 m higher than the Big Korab Gate on the northern slope of Mount Korab. The state border intersects the higher peak, Great Korab. Ascent from the Republic of Macedonian side involves entering the Republic of Macedonian-Albanian boundary area, for which a special permit is required from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia. There are many routes up to Korab Mt, though the mountains is mostly climbed from the Macedonian side, which has more organized hiking and mountaineering activities than Albania presently has. The Korab Mountain is home to the spectacular Korab waterfall in the upper valley of the Dlaboka reka river. During spring time, the waterfall reaches height of over 130 meters, which makes it the highest waterfall in Macedonia.
These Korab Mt peaks are occasionally ruptured by radial tectonics in the shape of blocks that end in the valley of the Radika river on the Macedonian side of steep slopes. Particularly remarkable is also the alpine area of Kabaš with several sheer and hardly approachable peaks. In its highest part, the climate is alpine and includes some alpine flora elements. The magic of Korab Mountain is even more alluring thanks to 8 beautiful glacial lakes. The largest lake on Mount Korab is Grame Lake located on the Mali i Grames in Albania. The Korab mountain sides are frequently covered with snow throughout the year, so that some of them are perfectly attractive and suitable for winter sports. Deciduous and evergreen trees, spacious pastures, green meadows and other vegetation, can be found along the Korab mountain. Korab Mountain is a traditional area for sheep breeding and is considered to be one of the largest pasture areas of Europe. Korab Mountain contains numerous natural monuments such as glacial lakes, glacial caves and spectacular canyons.