Konak Guca Boarding House with Zlatibor Restaurant Guca

Konak u Guci Boarding House with Zlatibor Restaurant Guca

The “Konak u Guci” Boarding House in Guca with its „Zlatibor“ Restaurant make comfortable tourist facility in center of Guča, small and picturesque town which is famous around the world for the trumpet sound ! The Zlatibor Restaurant in Guča is recognized for its specific traditional ambiance which truly reminds every visitor of the households of the old hard-working families of Serbia, being decorated with numerous authentic items of locals and traditional costumes of the Dragacevo area. Tradition kept for several decades guarantees the quality of services awaiting visitors of this comfortable tourist-catering facility in Guca, as it is carefully cherished by all members of the diligent Udovičić Family. Trust was earned since the 1939 and it is successfully transferred by generations, along the exquisite culinary skills and the well-kept old cooking recipes of tasty dishes. Rich choice of the finest local food and outstanding fruit brandies is prepared from the locally grown supplies, and provide visitors memorable gourmet experiences – kaymak, cheese, gibanica – cheese pie, proja – corn bread, heljdopita – buckwheat pie, smoked ham, mutton and beef, svadbarski kupus – cabbage casserole, roasted lamb, beef and piglet, various fresh and pickled salads – turšije, podvarak – cabbage slowly cooked with smoked meat or various kinds of meat, traditional sweets with raspberry, dry plum and the other fruits…. which best go with the homemade sljivovica – plum brandy or the apple brandy, that are the brand of spirits of the Dragacevo region.

Next to the „Zlatibor“ Restaurant in Guča there are comfortable rooms for rent – 11 double-twin rooms and triple rooms with own facilities. Rooms of the Konak in Guča – the Boarding House in Guca are equipped in traditional style with comfortable beds, central heating and own bathrooms with showers. Rooms are connected with the wooden stairs and feature small balconies, from where spreads panorama of Guca and makes premium relaxation spot for break between tremendous brass orchestra performances. The Zlatibor Restaurant boasts a spacious garden with the open fire-place which makes the pleasant venue to enjoy in favorite drink or the memorable brass music.

During their stay guests of the Konak in Guča – the Boarding House in Guca have variety of interesting touring options and amazing activities – excursions to the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, Zlatibor, Tara and the Zlakusa village – the potters village, hiking along the marked trails, mountain bike ride, folklore and music workshops – conducted by hospitable and friendly local artists, performers and wonderful trumpet players, culinary workshops – also conducted by the diligent and friendly hosts-owners of Konak Guca, picking up herbs and making hay stocks, picking up raspberry and other fruits, making rakija in traditional way, old crafts….The owners of the Konak in Guca, along with the Tourist Organization of Guca, arranged the memorable study trip in October for tour operators and journalists from the region, whose fantastic hands on experience activities of playing on traditional instruments and trumpets, as well as enduring kolo dances and culinary courses provided indescribable fun and enjoyment !!

The brass invites visitors to Guča throughout the year, while the diligent owners-hosts of the Konak in Guca, with its Zlatibor Restaurant with special joy and unique hospitality provide premium conditions for vacations and relaxation in Guca !