Komovi Mountains Rural Tourism

Komovi Mountain is one of the three most impressive and most magnificent mountain ranges of Montenegro and also of Dinaric Alps – Dinarides. Komovi Mountain is situated in the eastern Montenegro and stretches between the farthest upstream parts of the Lim River to the east and the Tara River on the west, to Drcka River to the north and Prokletije ranges to the south. From the south and east Komovi Mountain is encircled with a complex of Montenegrin – Albanian mountain range known as Prokletije – Accursed Mountains, the highest peaks at the altitude of 2534 meters – Kolac/Maja Kolata, 2694 m – Jezerski Vrh/Maja Jezerce), and on the north by Bjelasica Mountain, with its highest peak Crna Glava at the altitude of 2139 meters. The Komovi mountain massif which is 40 km long and 30 km wide is covered from all sides by vast plateaus at average altitude of 1900 meters – Štavna and Ljuban to the north, Rogam to the west, Crne to the south and Varda to the east. The highest peaks of Komovi mountains are: Kučki Kom (2487 m), Ljevoriječki Kom (2469 m, north peak of Kucki Kom) and Vasojevički Kom (2460 m).

Eastern and southeastern side of Komovi Mountains belongs to Polimlje and to municipality Andrijevica. It is the eastern side of Vasojevicki Kom which, from its top (2460 m), slopes down to Štavna and Varda plateaus at the altitude of 1900 meters and to the Lim River at 700 meters. Confluent valleys along the Lim and Tara rivers are sharply cutting lower parts of Komovi mountains in radial manner and make this area accessible from all sides. This area is known for its direct openness and vicinity of the shortest tourist-frequented route between southeast Montenegro and its coastal region and a favourable continuity and exposition of its slopes. Komovi mountain fascinates everyone with its diversity of natural attractions, rich flora and fauna and numerous cultural monuments, churches and monasteries.