Koliba Boarding House Grza River

Koliba Boarding House Grza River

When you turn off the highway Belgrade – Nis, and continue direction Zajecar and culturally interesting area of the Felix Romuliana Archaeological site and the East Serbia called Budzak /and further possibly towards the gorgeous mountains of Rtanj and Stara Planina Mountain/, after 17 km from town of Paraćin, one reaches the Grza excursion and picnic spot.

Grza is pleasantly arrange picnic and excursion point and the favorite weekend zone of Paraćin and surroundings places population, located on the upper course of Grza River, in south Kucaj Mountains, at the altitude of 400 meters.

Grza River flows through the 300 meters deep gorge and is surrounded with plateaus and hills of the Juzni Kucaj Mountain. Grza River is the left tributary of Crnica River which joins it in Paracin, springs and flows along Kucaj Mountains, cut the gorge and continues through the Davidovac River Basin, creating in its lower course excellent conditions for nature lovers and nature-researches trips, excursion and recreational tourism, hunting and fishing, as well as special interest tourism.

By construction of small dams on Grza River, two small artificial lakes have been created, which are rich in stream trout and California trout, and feature magnificent greenery and quietness. Numerous visitors spend several days in Grza excursion spot, staying in houses within the weekend zone or hotels and tourist lodgings there.

The road infrastructure of this area is unfortunately very bad, but does not impact visitors to enjoy in discovering numerous surrounding natural rarities and cultural sites of East Serbia, such are Resava Pecina Cave, gorges of Resava and Suvaja Rivers, Lisine Waterfalls, excursion spot of Sisevac, Senjski Rudnici settlement, /with source of Crnica River/, mystical and breathtaking Rtanj Mountain, as well as Medieval Monasteries of Ravanica, Saint Sisoje Monastery, Manasija-Resava Monastery, Church of Saint Paraskevi in Izvor village, monastery of the Holy Virgin in Lesje village…

Konak /Boarding House/ of “Koliba” on Grza River features rich and successful tourist and catering past. Unfortunately, like numerous tourist sites and facilities, Konak – Boarding House Koliba in Grza had experienced its decline and devastation in the last decade, by neglect of tourism in Serbia.

In March 2003 a successful privatization of the Boarding House Koliba Grza has been conducted, when thorough restoration and refurbishment works have been carried out, together with construction of the new capacities, so today this facility boasts a restaurant with 700 seats, newly built and refurbished accommodation facilities with over 100 beds in double, triple and multiple bedrooms with bathrooms, aperitif bar, coffee shop with the fire places, amusement corner, winter terrace, open air terrace in the green garden, and a new villa with the SPA amenities…

The Koliba Grza Boarding House features 33 bedrooms – apartments which are furnished and equipped according to the modern lodging standards.

The Koliba Grza Boarding House contains newly built accommodation compound with 2 apartments and 27 single, double and triple rooms, as well as the pavilion building with 27 bedrooms /double, triple and multitude bedrooms/ and the class room with necessary equipment for training’s and educational workshops.

This part of the Konak Grza Boarding House is very suitable for successful organization of group vacations, youth recreational excursions and accommodation of various work, youth and school teams.

The recently opened Villa of the Koliba Grza tourist complex features two level luxurious apartments with fully equipped kitchenettes and the small SPA center with Finnish sauna, 4-seasons Jacuzzi, a steam bath, warm baths and massage parlor.

The originally designed restaurant, featuring the open fire places, rich choice of delicious traditional and international specialties, and drinks, and good quality of services provide pleasant and relaxed stay in Koliba Grza Boarding House. Here one can get traditional food prepared under the ceramic pots – especially mouthwatering baked lamb and calf, famous grilled stream trout, various kinds of Serbian rostilj /grilled meat/, fresh salads and authentic sweets…

When weather permits, guests enjoy on the spacious open terrace of the Koliba Grza Boarding House, which provides panorama of the surrounding intact nature.

Within the Koliba Grza Boarding House there is the meeting room with up to 100 seats, equipped with video beam screen and PC, which is suitable for various seminars, meetings and working presentations, and the class room for children and adults, making this place a very interesting and popular venue for both recreational and educational workshops.

The entire complex of Koliba Grza Boarding House contains the large sport grass terrain, basketball terrain, sport grounds for football, handball and volleyball, open air pool and children playground nearby.

It is planned to complete the fitness room, which will greatly contribute to various contents for optimal and functional vacations for both sportsmen and children of all ages.

Adults during stay in Koliba Boarding House in Grza are welcome to take part in various activities – mountaineering, hiking, picking up medicinal herbs, fishing, fly-fishing, exploration of nature and rich natural and cultural environment, visit to the Krivi Vir village with small Milk processing factory where delicious cheese and various dairy products of East Serbia are produced in traditional way, while those who dare are invited to jump with para-shoot…

Koliba on Grza River Boarding House is 17 km away from Paraćin, 63 km from Zajecar, 173 km from Belgrade, 97 km from Nis and 250 km away from Novi Sad…