Kedar Tourist Settlement Goč Mountain

Kedar Tourist Settlement Goč Mountain

The tourist complex of Kedar on Goč Mountain is new tourist offer on the ecological map of Serbia, 12 km away from Vrnjacka Banja Spa, the most frequented spa, health and tourist place of Serbia. This comfortable and attractive tourist settlement was created on the vast estate of grandparents of the diligent present owners who are extremely popular in the market for their business tradition of successful wood processing, production and great experience in interior arrangements of modern design, high functionality and quality. During their stay in the Kedar tourist settlement on Goc Mountain guests enjoy in uniquely pleasant and quiet mountainous atmosphere and accommodation in comfortable wooden logs constructed of cedar wood, fully surrounded with clean mountainous air and fragrances of environment, so the existing WiFi is often not needed at all. Stay in the Kedar tourist settlement on Goč Mountain is memorable experience during all seasons which have their advantages and unique features, along with hospitality of hosts, and thus provide spirit of new mountain energy. As per more intense bird warble we notice that spring is coming, which is excellent time for experience of mountainous ambiance, quietness and tranquility. More precise, only the bird warble “ruins” the perfect quietness.

The Kedar Tourist complex is 4 stars facility on Goc Mountain, some 195 km south of Belgrade, on the northern slopes of Goc Mountain, 12 km away from Vrnjacka Banja Spa. Guests are recommended to take the highway E75 up to exit of Batočina or Pojate, and continue direction Vrnjacka Banja Spa, where on the 11th kilometer from the center of this famous spa, health and tourist center of Serbian, from the Snežnik spring leads the curvy road direction Goc, through lavish forests. When guests arrive to Goč Mountain, on the left side there is the Goc Ski track from where road goes strait or slightly right, and on some 100 meters on the right hand side there is the Horizont Restaurant famous for extremely tasty homemade food. The Selište Lake which is completely encircled with forests is only 2 km away from the Kedar tourist settlement on Goc Mountain. Some 40 km away from the Kedar tourist facility is the medieval Žiča Monastery, while only half hour of drive is the Medieval Koznik Fortress-old town from the 14th century. The Sport Airport of Trstenik where guests can enjoy in sightseeing from the plane is some 26 km away from the Kedar Tourist settlement.

Featuring elevation of 1000 meters, the Goc Mountain makes the treasury of preserved nature, rich pine forests, meadows, orchards and unparalleled clean mountainous air. Chalets – Wooden logs of the Kedar Tourist settlement that come in a row are surrounded with grass, herbs and flowers. Chalets are constructed in modern design, entirely from massive coniferous wood and feature modern lines and comfortable amenities. Chalets – wooden logs of the Kedar tourist settlement on Goč Mountain feature view to the inner yard, or the Mountain View or the garden view, and provide full privacy and enjoyment of guests. The cedar wood is famous for numerous healthy features so stay in such ambiance for several days greatly contributes to speed improvement of health, as well as improvement of immune system of healthy people. Freshness of the cedar wood quickly provides feeling of a remote quiet forest, without noise and urban-street hassle and everyday stress., and thus guests during their stay at the Kedar tourist settlement gladly indulge in harmony of nature and abundance of coniferous smell. Deep coniferous smell of the cedar wood is felt in a perfume only after half of hour and thus the cedar fragrance belongs to essences of lower group of vaporization. Those are the warm smells which longest remain on skin and make the basis of every perfume. Cedar best goes with other coniferous wood – mountainous pine, fir and spruce, while it creates unbelievable fragrance compositions when come together with rosemary, lavender, cinnamon and pepper. The cedar is good friend of citrus family fragrances – lemon, Citrus bergamia /bergamot orange/ and grapefruit.

The Kedar Tourist settlement on Goc Mountain has 6 smoke-free and soundproof wooden houses for up to 6 people – comfortable cedar-wood chalets, which is long lifespan and impressive tree that is rarely found in Serbia. Chalets of the Kedar Tourist settlement cover surface of 65 sq meters and feature a small terrace porch for seating in front of the entrance. Amenities, equipment and internal organization of space provide pleasant and warm atmosphere and comfortable stay of families or smaller companies up to 6 persons /each chalet/ – three separate bedrooms /bedroom in the ground floor with king size bed/, left attic room /2 separate beds/ and right attic room with king size bed and a single bed, living room with seating space, dining room and comfortable bathrooms with shower or bathtub. One chalet has large living room and also 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Chalets are equipped with comfortable amenities – wooden floors or parquet with soft carpeting or hand-woven rugs, LCD TV with satellite channels, wardrobe or closet, tiled floor/marble tiles in bathrooms, hair dryer, attic windows in attic rooms, heating.

The Kedar Tourist settlement on Goč Mountain has mountainous Altai restaurant where guests are served with rich buffet breakfast and tasty food of the Goc Mountain area for other meals that match all taste and needs. The word al-tai in Turkic languages as well as in the Mongolian language origins from words of Al = gold and Tai = mountain, which might mean the „golden mountain“. This is the similar meaning in Chinese. The Altai Republic is located within the Russian Federation in the southern Siberian region, where the cedar tree is very present. The Altai mountain massif spreads between the Gobi Desert and the western Siberian Plain of some 2000 km.

The Kedar SPA oasis – “Story of Cedar” on Goc Mountain is superior place to recharge batteries in the natural environment. Healing and curative features of a sauna, hot bath, clean mountainous air at the altitude of 1000 meters and stay in healthy environment is surely the winning option. The characteristics of cedar wood are highly expressed in such a sauna which contributes to detoxification of a body, improve immune system, benefits the cardio-vascular system, relax nerves, contribute to balance of respiratory organs, provide stress relief and relaxation of muscles and cleans skin ….. The SPA zone of the Kedar Tourist Settlement is arranged so to enable enjoyment, rest and make recovered sense of unity with the nature in the authentic mountainous way. After taking the sauna treatment /sauna is also constructed from cedar wood/ guests of the Kedar Tourist settlement are surrounded with pine forest and clean air which provides high health benefits. Besides the sauna, guests have at their disposal warm Jacuzzi bath, open pool 10 x 5 meters and children pool, lazy chair for sunbathing and a bar which serves fresh drinks.

During their stay guests of the Kedar Tourist settlement on Goc Mountain have additional amenities and activities: common kitchen, dining table, cooking plate, fridge, dishes, tea kitchen, and children chair, out space for dining, barbecue place, sunny terrace, billiard, children playground, and parking. Besides this, vacations on the Goc Mountain provide guests unique outdoor activities and introduction into rich heritage – mountain bike rides, hiking, mountaineering, skiing and snow shoeing in winter period, conducted by highly experienced local outdoor instructors, picking up herbs, culinary courses, seasonal garden works, raspberry and other fruits harvesting, grape harvest, tourist excursions to the Žiča Monastery and the Maglič and Koznik fortresses-castles, wine tours with tasting of excellent wines of the Zupa region with delicious food, picnic, trip to the Selište Lake and the trout pond in the beautiful Pleš village, trip to Vrnjačka Banja Spa with spa+wellness services and visit to the workshop of the heart-like cookies and souvenirs…. .

Goč is mountain in the central Serbia which is part of the northern Kopaonik Mountain range and belongs to the lower mountains of Serbia. The Goc Mountain spreads direction west-east in some 10 km. The highest peak of Goč Mountain is Krnja jela peak, at the elevation of 1127 meters. Goč is some 10 km away from Vrnjačka Banja Spa which makes it one of the most popular excursion place for spa visitors. Goc Mountain is situated some 30 km away from Kraljevo and is officially considered the most forested mountain of Serbia, which for decades attract nature lovers by its intact nature and rich flora and fauna. Goč Mountain is traditionally especially attractive for students of Forestry since it is by variety of plant world and endemic species regarded as one of the richest mountain in the Balkans. In the part of Goc Mountain from Vrnjacka Banja Spa there are two ski tracks that are 500 meters long and some 60 meters wide with the level difference of 123 meters. The especially interesting feature of this ski track is option of night skiing since the whole track is lighted and provides unique and memorable experience for ski and snow lovers. The Dobre vode tourist center of Goc with the hotel bearing the same name is well connected by paved road with the Goc Mountain from Vrnjacka Banja Spa. Just next to the hotel there are two ski track which are 300 meters long with a ski lift suitable for beginners and children. Nearby is gondola of 1150 meters with ski track of 1400 meters and level difference of 350 meters. Besides those activities, visitors may take ski running on five marked tracks, while for more adventurous visitors there is the 30-meters high ski jump.