Obradovic Pansion and lux apartments Katici village Ivanjica 025

Obradovic Pansion and lux apartments Katici village Ivanjica Ivanjica

Ivanjica is smll mountainous town in southern-central Serbia, in the perfectly clean environment of the Stari Vlah Mountains. Ivanjica is 224 km away from Belgrade, approachable by the Milos the Great Highway from Belgrade to Cacak, and further along the regular roads – from Cacak via Guca and from Uzice via Pozega. The ideal height of 1000 meters above sea-level of the picturesque and tiny Katici village at the foot of breathtaking Mucanj and Golija Mountains, 26 km west of Ivanjica, provides wonderful destination for genuine vacations retreat in Serbia with options for full invigoration and health recovery and general improvement of health. This fascinating and mountainous vacation place, deep in lush and fragrant pine forests allows fantastic views across the Mučanj Mountain /1534 meters/. Here diligent hosts welcome guests with “Breathe in Mučanj” which is a hospitable privilege and welcoming vacations gesture available to all nature lovers and the most demanding guests. Thanks to its invigorating features of the intact nature, Ivanjica and its surroundings are ranked among the most beautiful parts of Serbia and have been declared the second time the Air-spa in 2000.

Ivanjica is located in the beautiful valley surrounded with breathtaking mountains of Golija, Javor, Mucanj and Cemernica whose peaks rise to the sky and reach height between 1500 and 1900 meters. The Moravica River flows through Ivanjica, and there are several mineral springs in the territory of Municipality, with the Prilicki Kiseljak famos mineral water spring. The nearby wonderful and wild Golija Mountain is adorned with lush pine forests, intersected with meadows and lawns, and uniquely beautiful mountainous lakes of Ticar and Nebeska suza, known as the mountain eyes. In the proximity of Ivanjica, close to tke Kumanica village, there is the Roman bridge, while in the town itself dominates the largest one-arch bridge in the Balkans over the Moravica River.

Nicely appointed and historical Katići Village of the Ivanjica Municipality is set 22 km from Ivanjica direction Nova Varos, Kokin Brod and the Uvac Special Nature Reserve, connected with good paved road passing through wonderful mountainous scenery and tiny scattered villages. The Katići village of Ivanjica Municipality is famous for absolute peace, quietness, tranquility, pure mountainous air, lovely arranged houses with yards and gardens, and the highly endurable stone from the nearby Mace quarry known as the Macanska ploca which is for more than 200 years traditionally used for house coverings, that is today also the favorite contstruction roof material of the local builders. The Katići village and the surroundings make the scenery of extraordinary beauty, preserved nature, potable springs and perfectly clean mountainous air, that many consider among the most beautiful areas of Serbia. The altitude of the Katici village of more than 1000 meters and pure clean environment make extraordinary holiday destination and place for full invigoration and general health improvement. Proximity of the breathtaking Mucanj Mountain, 1534 meters with observation point provides exceptional panorama to the surrounding mountains, thick pine forests, and the Savina voda spring which is believed to have curing effects. Nearby natural and cultural sites and localities make the Katici village fully attractive and visited by domestic and foreign guests who are fond of true and family vacations.

The 30 years-old  tourism tradition of Ivanjica is best represented and recognized by the family run Obradovic Pansion and luxurious tourist complex in the center of tiny Katici village, surrounded with thick pine forest. The Obradovic Family for more than 30 years successfully runs this comfortable tourist facility in Katici village, given that this family is known as the Pioneer in rural tourism of Ivanjica Municipality, highly popular for wonderful family vacations. This comfortable Pansion and luxury apartment-style villas of the Obradovic tourist complex in Katici village bears 4 stars standards and amenities and throughout the year provides excellent conditions for memorable invigorating vacations for up to 30-guests in all seasons thanks to comfortable amenities for nature lovers – central heating within all spaces, benefitial clean mountain air, intact environment and a number of various outdoor amenities. The accommodation capacity in the central Pansion is 5 twin-double rooms with bathrooms of the First category, dining hall, central heating, open pool and small library. This nicely appointed Obradovic tourist complex in Katici village has been extended in 2018 with additional three brand new villas with luxurious and modern apartments of Gradina, Mučanj, Breza, Vodice and Šanac. Apartments of the Obradović tourist complex are brand new, modern and equipped with luxury amenities constructed from natural materials that provide privacy and pleasant holidays or shorter stay – separate entrance, grassy garden with open sauna and Jacuzzi, andthe open pool, laminatte parquet floors, fire place and balconies on the terraces in most of apartments, bathrooms with shower and tiled floors, bathrobes…. 

The Gradina Apartment in the lux chalet of the Obradović tourist complex in Katići village features 70 sq meters, and is suitable for 3 persons. It contains a bedroom with king size bed and a single bed on the first floor which one reaches by wooden stairs, a living room with three-seat convertible sofa bed, a fire place, LCD TV, dining room and fully equipped kitchen with fridge, a stove, micro-wave stove, cutlery and dishes, towels, bathroom with shower and hair dryer, central heating…. The Mučanj Apartment of the Obradovic tourist complex is the largest /56m2/ and the most luxurious apartment of this comfortable tourist complex in Katici village, suitable for 5 guests. The Mucanj apartment features a large living room with three-seated covertible sofa bed, a fire place, dining space and work desk, 2 bedrooms, a large bathroom with a sauna and Jacuzzi, a balcony on the terrace, as well as the fully equipped kitchen with all needed equipment for food preparation. The Breza Apartment is 56 sq meters in size and includes the spacious living room with three-seated convertible sofa bed, a double sofa bed and a fire place, a bedroom with king size bed, equipped kitchen with shower. The Vodice Apartment of the Obradovic tourist complex is 56 sq meters in size and suitable for 3 guests, as it contains a living room with three-seated convertible sofa bed, a dining spaceand a fire place, a bedroom, bathroom with shower and balcony on the terrace. The Šanac Apartment of the Obradovic tourist complex is also 56 sq meters large and by amenities and capacity it suits holidays for 3 guests. It contains a three-seated and a double-twin seats convertible sofa beds in theliving room, central heating, equipped kitchen with fridge, stove, micro-wave, cutlery and dishes, towels, bathroom with shower and hair dryer….

5 rooms of the Obradovic Pansion within the tourist complex are double-twin with separate beds, TV, bathrooms with shower, central heating. The main Pansion consists of a living room with a fire place, restaurant with the terrace and bar, small library, excellent for pleasant and tranquil evenings. In nicely appointed yard rich in flowers and greenery there is the vast garden with open pool and children playground for free children play and enjoyment of guests during hot summer days. Guests take the marked health trails for invigorating walks through rich and fragrant forests or across meadows, or enjoy in train ride or in the challenging hike to the top ofthe Mucanj Mountain, 1534 meters from where spreads magic and memorable view. Special adventage available to guests of the Obradovic tourist complex is option for own food preparation in the special part of the green yard that surrounds the villas – grilled meat, roasting or slowly cooked in ceramic pot, with assistance of cordial hosts. In winter moths the whole Obradovic tourist complex makes the true fairy tale in deep snow cover with various options for snow activities and winter joys – sledding, making snow man, walks and running along the snow trails, after which the warmth from fire place is uniquely pleasant….

This rural tourist complex in Ivanjica area is rightfully awarded with Tourist Flower prize and numerous highest recognitions thanks to its supreme excellence in services and unique hospitality, and we also consider this unique tourist complex one of the best of its category in Serbia.

Activities : hiking, mountaineering and local excursions with picnic meal along nearby mountain summits, picking-up raspberries, medicinal herbs and forest products, tractor ride, milking cow, traditional culinary courses, trekking, small-train ride, hunting, fishing, rafting on Lim River, tour of Zlatar, Radoinja and Uvac lakes, Uvac Special Nature Reserve – Canyon with magic meanders exploration and memorable boat ride… Places to see : Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Kovilje Monastery, Jankov kamen – highest peak of Golija Mountain /Janko’s Peak, 1934 m/, Ticar Lake….