Katici luxurious rustic chalets Ivanjica 025

Katici luxurious rustic chalets Ivanjica 025

The ideal height of 1000 meters above sea-level of the Katici village at the foot of breathtaking Mucanj and Golija Mountains, located 22km away from Ivanjica, provides wonderful destination for genuine vacations retreat in Serbia. This fascinating place deep in lush pine forests allows fantastic views across the Mučanj Mountain with Savina voda springs, believed to have healing properties. Here they welcome you with “Breathe in Mučanj”, a hospitable privilege of your vacations available to demanding guests. Thanks to its invigorating features of the intact nature, Ivanjica and its surroundings are ranked among the most beautiful parts of Serbia and have been declared the Air-spa in 2000.

The 30 years-old  tourism tradition is best represented by the rustic complex in the center of tiny Katici village, surrounded by thick pine forest. This rustic complex provides excellent conditions for vacation in all seasons due to central heating within all spaces and a number of various outdoor amenities. The main house consists of 5 pleasantly arranged rooms with facilities, 2 four-bed rooms, restaurant with terrace, library, and a bar with the fire-place for pleasant and tranquil evenings. Luxuriously wooden chalets are furnished with amenities for a comfortable stay (fire place, open swimming pool, open-air grill place, health-paths, touristic train…) Tourist Complex accommodation capacity in Katici village : 5 rooms in the central house of the pension (each with facilities and TV), bedrooms with 4 beds. Luxurious Wooden chalets with 4 beds (+1 bed) and 4 spacious chalets suitable for families /6 – 8 beds/ are pleasantly equipped, each with facilities, kitchen, fire-place and dinning room provide relaxed vacations for clients looking for true relief. Special advantage is self-cooking and barbecue  traditional style within the broad yard full of flowers surrounded by pine trees /in open grill, ceramic pottery/ for all  keen to try this unique Serbian habit. Delicious organic food prepared by the lady-owner is served. This rural tourist complex is awarded with Tourist Flower prize and numerous highest prizes due to its supreme excellence in services and unique hospitality, and we also consider this unique tourist complex one of the best in Serbia.

Activities : sports, hiking and excursions with picnic meal to nearby mountain summits, picking-up medicinal herbs and forest products, tractor ride, milking cow, traditional culinary courses, trekking, small-train rides, hunting, fishing, rafting on Lim River, tour of Zlatar, Radoinja and Uvac lakes, Uvac Canyon exploration…

Places to see : Kovilje Monastery, Jankov kamen – highest peak of Golija Mountain /Janko’s Peak/, Ticar Lake