Kamena Gora village

Kamena Gora village

Kamena Gora (Stone Mountain) Air Health resort is considered to be the most beautiful village in Prijepolje Municipality, in south-west Serbia, and probably one of the most beautiful villages of Serbia. Thanks to its astonishing tranquility, fragrant meadows, beautiful pine woods and plenty of fresh mountain springs, Kamena Gora village attracts visitor at first site and stays in the heart for long time…. Kamena Gora is tiny village of some 160 inhabitants, raised above towns of Prijepolje, Pljevlja and Bijelo Polje /Montenegro/ at the altitude of more than 1300 m, from where the magnificent view to Durmitor, Jadovnik, Zlatar, Golija and Zlatibor Mountains spreads. Kamena Gora village is famous for its symbol – the centuries-old “Svetibor” pine dominating the region and collecting many secrets and traditional tales of longevity inhabitants for centuries.

Rich in thick pine-woods and wealthy fresh mountain waters Kamena Gora hamlet justifies the genuine life philosophy of its native inhabitants – highlanders simply offered to any visitor. Thus visitors of Kamena Gora soon become friends with local highlanders and come again and again. Kamena Gora village is a perfect place for nature lovers proclaimed as the air health resort in the middle of last century. There are 6 well-marked hiking trails in Kamena Gora, of total length of 80 km, along meadows, numerous mountain springs and thick forests. Hiking in Kamena Gora provides wonderful relaxation and invigoration of the whole body and soul. One can get to Kamena Gora by the 20 km paved road from Prijepolje. Kamena Gora is the unique paradise for sports and recreation thanks to its existing mountain-bike and marked trekking trails, exciting rafting on Lim River, paragliding grounds, magnificent Sopotnica waterfalls that are situated on the opposite mountain, fishing, hunting. For all who seek true invigoration during nature-friendly vacation memorable Kamena Gora is the best choice !

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