Kalin Hotel Lazaropole

Kalin Hotel Lazaropole

The tiny picturesque village of Lazaropole is one of the highest settlements of North Macedonia at 1350 meters within the Mavrovo National Park, and the second largest settlement of the Miyaks region situated on a plateau of the Mount Bistra, surrounded by beech and oak forest within the southern part of the Mavrovo National Park. The Lazaropole village is the birthplace of numerous prominent Macedonian authors, educators, builders, wood carvers, teachers, fresco and icon painters, and constructors. About 400 well-preserved original houses of the Lazaropole village proudly keep the traces of the Mijach highland building style. Mijak highland style of architecture is reminiscent of medieval towers which usually features two or three high stone floors with wooden terraces and rooms on the top level.

The name of the Lazaropole village is related to a legend which is held as a tradition of a local hero Lazar. The villagers from Glavino Selo village hid in the Kalina Dupka cave fleeing from the Turks. After their hidden position was revealed to the Turks they were suffocated with smoke from the burning fire. Only a certain Lazar survived by taking the back way out from the cave. This was how the Lazaropole village was named after Lazar who found rescue into the field and founded the new village. Lazaropole was known in the past as the village of cattle-breeders and derbeni soldiers – locals who were entitled by the sultan to take care and guarantee with their lives on the safety of road from Debar via Kicevo to Prilep…. Derbeni – derveni – were local guard who in the Middle ages provided security and guiding services for all who were passing through the mountain gorges (derven in Persian) guaranteeing the safety of each traveler in the name of the Ottoman authorities. This service allowed the local population to carry weapons, something that was not allowed to other Christians. While protecting travelers, the derveni villagers also managed to keep criminal gangs away from their village so it prospered in peace.

The Teskoto Oro – the Hard One folk dance is considered to be one of the most beautiful and the most difficult Macedonian folk dances. A lot has been written and said about the Teskoto Oro dance. Geographically, the Teskoto oro dance and the wonderful costumes originate from the Lazaropole region. Teskoto Oro folk dance is devoted to the farewell moments of the Macedonians who were leaving their country to work abroad. The Teskoto oro – the Hard One was danced at the outskirts of the Mijaks villages, where local people made their farewells to their beloved ones before embarking on the road to the unknown hard work abroad – the pecalba. However, over time the Teskoto oro dance developed in a hymn not only of the people who worked abroad, but also of all sufferings that piled up in the Macedonian souls through the centuries of subjugation.

Visit to Lazaropole village today adorns the soul with an unusual peace, tranquility and calmness, fill the eyes with the view from Sokolica Mt of the summits of Krchin, Korab, and Stogovo. Lazaropole village is a destination where you find yourself communing with nature, and breathing in air that is so pure your lungs burn upon arrival as your sinuses clear within hours. It makes you sense the odours of the mountain flowers of Koritnik Mountain and it cleans your lungs with the unpolluted crisp air of the Bistra Mountain. It is wonderful to visit Lazaropole village in June, when the whole area is filled with the narcissus’s’ scent, or in September, when the entire forest is bathed with the rainbow colors of yellow, brown, reddish, green, pink… Or in winter, with the icicles glitter from the village roofs. Summers are fresh and winters are temperate, but the view is always magical – so it is impossible to choose the wrong time to visit Lazaropole village.

The nicely refurbished original Mijak structure of the Kalin Hotel houses comfortable 3 stars historical and nicely appointed facility in center of tiny Lazaropole village, up in the mountains of Mavrovo National Park, which makes harmony of traditional “mijach” style of construction and modern architectural solutions that create and provide outstanding warm and unique atmosphere. The Kalin Hotel in Lazaropole boasts 16 comfortable, clean and tastefully arranged rooms. Each room of the Kalin Hotel in Lazaropole is equipped with a free WiFi, satellite LCD TV and comfortable bathroom with shower or a bath, and other facilities to make visitors stay complete. The exclusive restaurant of the Kalin Hotel in Lazaropole with a summer terrace offers in a relaxing ambient TASTY local and international dishes and venison specialties, and selection of extraordinary Macedonian wines.

The Kalin Hotel in Lazaropole is an ideal place for a quiet, undisturbed business meeting, workshop or conference with facilities for 40 delegates. Kalin Hotel in Lazaropole organizes picnics for its guests to the neighboring charming Mijach villages that best describes the well-preserved rich cultural heritage, customs and lifestyle of Macedonian people. For the adventurers, the Kalin Hotel is a premium starting point for hiking, climbing, mountain biking, gliding, horse-back riding and cross country along the untouched nature of the gorgeous Mavrovo National Park to witness first hand the beautiful scenery and strikingly gorgeous views. The Church of “Saint George” in Lazaropole was consecrated in 1841. Its interior is the first independent work of the famous 19th century Macedonian icon painter Dicho Zograf. You can also visit some rustic places where there is traditional food served, like nearby wonderful Jance village, or go and see Macedonian traditional cheese production first hand.