Lazarevi konaci rural complex Zlatibor Kacer Uzice 126

Lazarevi konaci rural complex Kacer Uzice 126

Zlatibor area rural tourism – Kacer village – Uzice Rural Household Panacomp Property for rent 126

Lazarevi konaci” /Residences of Lazar/ in tiny Kacer village of the Zlatibor county in south-west Serbia are highly comfortable rural vacation houses-facilities of 4 stars category, in close vicinity /some 20 km/ of Tara National Park and Zlatibor Mountain, Mokra Gora and Sargan Train, Sirogojno and Zlatar Lake. Lazarevi konaci rustic tourist facility contains original, traditionally appointed and nicely arranged quarters in Kačer village, at the altitude of 750 meters, on the Bela zemlja point, 9 km away from Užice and some 20 km north of Zlatibor tourist resort – most popular mountainous tourist center in Serbia. This rural tourist facility was chosen among numerous service providers in Zlatibor county by the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor which completed the project for improvement of the visual identity and artistic redesign based on the resources that already existed in the households. The village of Kacer and the Lazarevi Konaci vacation complex feature excellent location close to the main road from Belgrade via Užice to Bosnia and Herzegovina and direction Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea, /2 km/, but yet far enough from the traffic noise and bustling city atmosphere, that enables true relaxed vacations. This pleasant rural tourist complex is also close to the Zlatiborska noc Hotel whose open pool guests can use, and also part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside and memorable gastronomic tours – culinary courses of preparation of traditional Serbian dishes and unique interactive Slava Celebration – Saint Patron’s Day.

“Lazarevi konaci” complex in Kacer village consists three authentic nearby accommodation houses-units – Sljiva – Plum, 4 beds on the first floor + 1 extendable sofa bed and 1 bathroom with shower in the ground floor, Tresnja – Cherry, 1 king size bed + 2 single beds in 2 separate rooms, 1 bathroom with shower, and Jabuka – Apple House which come with 1 king size bed, 1 bathroom with shower, each of them forming a cute separate picturesque rural house furnished with wood and arranged in natural materials and fabrics to welcome every profile of visitor who needs and gets here comfort and privacy. You reach the houses of the Lazarevi konaci tourist rural complex from the central dining structure where food is served next to the parking with flowers and pine trees, taking few paths along a grassy slope to get to the Sljiva /Plum/ house, and in the next 50 meters there are the other houses of the complex : Tresnja /Cherry/ and the Jabuka /Apple/ houses, one next to the other. Each lodging house-cottage of the Lazarevi konaci rural tourist complex is named after the fruit which is in abundance grown in this region of Serbia – sljiva /plum/, jabuka /apple/ and tresnja /cherry/. Each house of the Lazarevi konaci rural complex contains the fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom with shower, free WiFi, heating, veranda with open sitting space overlooking surrounding nature and the gorgeous horizon to the Tara Mountain and Zlatibor Mountain, comfortable facilities and A/V equipment, with lovely authentic details of artistic touch /murals, embroidery, rugs, ethnographic details…/.

There is the large dining-living room with the fire place, souvenirs and Internet connection, suitable for small meetings and events /up to 40 persons/ and especially suitable for various educations and workshops like the yoga classes which are performed here with great beneficial effects for participants. This is also the common dining place where fantastic homemade food is served for breakfast and dinner, prepared of locally grown produce and the own fresh foodstuff organic production /tomato, paprika, celery, beans and cucumber/ by diligent lady-host Milica. Guests staying at the Lazarevi konaci rural tourist complex are delighted with variety of outstandingly tasty food and authentic specialties served here – kaymak, young cheese, smoked ham, bacon, eggs and gibanica – cheese pie, spinach pie, corn bread, roasted lamb or beef, various slowly cooked soups, fresh or pickled salads, fruit cakes and great choice of traditional sweets… Lady owner Milica of Lazarevi konaci complex is one of the best selected culinary experts who participated in numerous gastro competitions and TV shows, proud to present her skills in preparation of extraordinary tasty food…. Her husband Mico – Milutin Tadic also sometimes helps in making delicious food slowly cooked in ceramic pot in open fire….

The advantage of this tranquil compound in the Zlatibor county is rare possibility to rent all three accommodation-lodging units for the joint-party vacation location, uniquely adjusted for families and groups, as the whole capacity caters pleasant and comfortable stay for some 12 visitors. The vast sunny slope with grassy yard of this large estate of total of 5 hectares, featuring uniquely quiet location and panorama of the Tornik Mountain peak provides true contact with pure natural ambiance and serenity. There are numerous activities at guests disposal while staying in the tranquil Lazarevi konaci rural complex, in the heart of tranquility and intact nature : walking, trekking, mountaineering, picking up medicinal herbs and fruits and vegetables, and forest products, mowing – cutting the grass, gardening, culinary courses under supervision and help of experienced hosts, observation of wild animals /roe dear, rabbit, quarrels, birds and magic flowers/ and domestic animals of nearby households, skiing/sliding along the slopes of this beautiful estate /in winter/, weaving, embroidery course, souvenir and artistic workshops, presentations of Christmas and Slava feast – patron saint celebrations with well-preserved customs….

During stay in this unique traditional complex and Zlatibor district we strongly recommend visit to the famous smoke houses, among which is the Smoke-House in Musvete village which manufactures finest Dalmatian prosciutto and other delicacies, and provides memorable and outstanding experiences. Since recently, the diligent hosts has completed the separate space with open fire and furnace and grill with all equipment, and also the magic panorama, where guests are welcome to prepare food on their own – Cabbage Casserole, sarma, roasted piglet or beef or lamb, dishes slowly cooked in ceramic pots, homemade bread and gibanitza, potato baked in embers, melted cracklings and roasted bacon and sausages…. along with extraordinary fruit rakijas-brandies. The amazing holidays experience and joy is always memorable here at the Lazarevi konaci complex – pleasant getting together by the open fire while enjoying in the finest food you can find in Serbia !
Lazar, the Grandfather of the owner Mico of Lazarevi konaci complex lived here with his large family, and took great care about the grandchildren to prepare them for hard highlanders life and to run this place the best he/they could. So Lazar enriched his grandson Mico with immense love for the old crafts and helped him to become good Blacksmith and Carpenter. Thanks to this genuine workmanship feature and the carpenter workshop within the Lazarevi konaci complex – guests are invited to join in various carpentry techniques : constructing, erecting, installing, and repairing structures and fixtures made from wood and iron /with the assistance of the owner if wanted/. The fully equipped weaving and sewing workshop also attracts visitors who want to learn the handwork skills. The owner Mico has contributed to the “Dog Association of Serbia” and pets are thus very welcome here !

Here is the feedback of Michiel Van Dam – journalist from Netherlands who stayed in Lazarevi konaci in 2012 : “Lazarevi konaci rural complex is the crown on Western-Serbian rural tourist accommodation. While Serbs are already known for their warm hospitality, family Tadic manages to surpass even the most ardent rural tourism facilities. Upon my arrival I was genuinely treated as and felt myself welcome as a lost son returning home. MICO and MILICA did not act like this for the benefit of a visiting foreign journalist. Their warm hospitality radiates right across their lovely living room and apartments and extended to all other guests staying, thus making us all feel part of a privileged family for the duration of our stay. “

Feedback from guest Guillaume France : Hello Ivanka, I was expecting a survey in order to answer you. As I told you several times by phone, this week in Kacer have been absolutely perfect. Misha and Milica (and their family) have been helpful every day and the food was incredible ! I will never forget this stay in western Serbia. Vidimo se ! Guillaume