Kablar Hotel Wellness Center Ovcar Banja Spa

Kablar Hotel Wellness Center Ovcar Banja Spa

“Kablar” Wellness Hotel is comfortable 3 stars spa-wellness hotel in the center of Ovcar-Kablar Gorge and the Ovcar Banja Spa, surrounded with magnificent natural beauties of the Zapadna Morava River in West Serbia. This unique natural and spa pearl of the Central Serbia is positioned 17 km away from town of Cacak on the road to Zlatibor and the West Serbia region.

Newly constructed highway from Belgrade to Cacak is connected with the regional road E-763 that passes right by the Kablar Wellness Hotel in Ovcar Banja Spa and contributes to convenient and easy access to this gorgeous natural spot.

Kablar Hotel Wellness Center in Ovcar Banja Spa is 160km away from Belgrade and 20km from Cacak, the biggest town of West Serbia. Wonderful forests covering magic Kablar mountain, eleven Medieval Orthodox monasteries along Zapadna Morava – West Morava River valley, healing thermal mineral water, various flora and fauna, artificial lakes with possibility of  joyous sport activities represent tourist offer of this unique resort.

Thermal water of the Ovcar Banja Spa features temperature of 38˚C and belongs to the category of homeothermal waters – normal human body temperature which is proved by the fact that those temperature makes the highest exchange of minerals from thermal waters and the human body.

Thermal water of the Ovcar Banja Spa contains macro-elements of Calcium, Natrium and micro-elements of Calium, Lithium, Rubidium, Caesium, Strontium, Barium, Iod, Bromine, Phosphorus, Fluor and Mangan. Here in Ovcar Banja Spa are cured following diseases: rheumatic diseases, spondilosis, state after bone fractures and muscle injuries, and some skin diseases.

Kablar Wellness Centar in Ovcar Banja Spa Hotel provides excellent conditions for holidays, recreation, relaxation and other in favor of prevention of health. Usage and treatments of thermal waters in professional hydro-massage baths that highly helps in rheumatic illnesses, post – traumatic states, sport injuries and lesion of nerves.

Accommodation of the Kablar Wellness Center in Ovcar Banja Spa is some 30 beds in nicely appointed and comfortable single, double and triple rooms that provide pleasant stay with spa-wellness services. Rooms of the Kablar Wellness Center come with parquet-laminate floors, floor heating, comfortable single or king size beds, wooden furniture – wardrobe, desk, chairs or armchairs, LCD TV, free internet, mini bar, hair dryer, slippers and bathrobe, private bathrooms, black out curtains…

The Kablar Hotel Wellness Center in Ovcar- Kablar Gorge has restaurant with 90 seats where guests can enjoy in tasty traditional or international food.

To fulfill their active and pleasurable vacations of guests, there are additional amenities at disposal in the Kablar Hotel Wellness Center: outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and lazy chairs and umbrellas, Wellness center with hydro massage baths and tubes, Sauna, relaxation and recreation lounge for various massages, coffee bar. All Kablar Wellness Center Hotel rooms are provided with thermal Spa water, while floor heating keeps optimal temperature that contributes to superb guests’ pleasures.