Jezero Villa Bela Crkva

In the beautiful, vast, fertile and multicultural Voivodina, in the southeast of Banat bordered arms of the Carpathian Mountains /Romania/ and near the Deliblato Sands, the Danube, Nera, Karas and the Danube-Tisa-Danube lies the beautiful tourist vivid, sweet-town Bela Crkva. From the Serbian capital, Belgrade, Bela Crkva is about 100 km away, which makes nearly 2 hours of easy drive, while from Vrsac its distance is only 34 km. The city of Bela Crkva was named after an old small white church built at the beginning of the 16th century by the settlers colonized by the Austria-Hungary Empire from the Rhine area. Bela Crkva is characterized by a variety of geo-morphologic continent and cultivated plants: cereals, industrial crops, vegetables, fruits and vineyards. The city of Bela Crkva has 12304 inhabitants, comprising 18 different ethnic groups – nationalities which is typical for the whole Voivodina region.

One of the most beautiful and most attractive villas in Bela Crkva, open throughout the year and that with its quality services attracts tourist travelers is the Jezero Villa, situated in green oasis among the three belockrvanska lakes- Glavno, Saransko and Sljunkara lakes. The “Jezero” Vila is set on the shore of the Gradsko jezero /the town beach/. The Jezero Villa consists of 5 structures with total of 55 beds in single, double and triple rooms with bathrooms, and a four-bed duplex room with 2 double rooms and a bathroom. All rooms of the Jezero Villa in Bela Crkva feature own entrance, bathroom and terrace, air conditioning, TV, telephone, wireless Internet. In the close vicinity are sport grounds and restaurant with summer terrace. The pebble beach of Bela Crkva Glavno jezero is arranged for swimming, water-polo and water sports – rowing, sailing in summer, and jogging and outdoor activities. Jezero villa in Bela Crkva is from the city center only 1.5 km away. Guests staying in the Jezevo villa in Bela Crkva have half board and full board food options in the own air-conditioned restaurant where rich Panonian cuisine are served. Food can be also served on the summer terrace with the fantastic view on the lakes. During their stay, guests are offered a cafe terrace, TV lounge, which is also a winter garden. Parking lot is available for guest of the Jezero villa.

Bela Crkva is often called „Venice of Voivodina“ because of her the biggest tourist brand, seven artificial lakes that represent a real attraction for visitors and an unique tourist offer of Vojvodina. Except lake, Bela Crkva attracts tourist with baroque facades, parks, the famous „Carnival of Flowers“, excellent wines and a variety of tasty fruits. Lakes of Bela Crkva had its decade-long process of formation so as to perform the excavation of gravel from the fields between the Bela Crkva and Vracev gaj bouquet. Thus, the resulting are groundwater and springs that are now getting their distinctive appearance in the form of seven beautiful clear lakes in which the peak of the season on a daily basis is staying 10,000 tourists. Bela Crkva lakes represent a true tourist, popular destination because it has a numerous accommodation, restaurants and provides many other tourist services. There are also many sports grounds and courts, jogging trails and other recreational facilities that are heavily used by tourist.

Guests who want to explore the wider environment of Bela Crkva and lakes can contact the local tourist agencies who offered and organized numerous excursions-trip, weekend tours as a tour of the Danube and the Banat farms, sightseeing of Vrsac and its irresistible vineyards and most of all tourists can get to know romantic and subtle Bela Crkva.