Jelasnica River Gorge

Jelasnica River Gorge

Jelasnicka Klisura – Jelasnica River Gorge is situated at the foot of the Suva Planina Mountain in the south-east Serbia, within the municipality of Nis. The Jelasnicka river Gorge represents the unique biodiversity system and is one of the most prominent gorges in the Balkans – due to breathtaking landscape, Geo-morphological characteristics, natural values, the well preserved ecosystem, and exclusive flora and fauna.

During the Roman rule here was military road of “Via Militaris”, which remained significant during the Turkish conquest also,  testified by vivid remains of strategic signs carved in the cliffs of Jelasnica Gorge. The Gorge of Jelasnica River was accorded protected status as the Special Nature Reserve of First Protection Category of Serbia in favor of protecting few endemic flora species as well as few tenths of Balkans endemic species which were found in this spot. The Jelasnicka Klisura Nature Reserve covers 115,73 ha, while 20,50 ha is private estate, 57,29 ha is owned by the government and 37,94 ha is public estate. Jelasnica River Gorge is only 4 km long and its maximum width is only 30 meters. Here you may see creations in stone, such as interesting rocks, high dolomite columns, steep resembling teeth, kneeling figures and windows. The mountainous and the Mediterranean and the mild-continental climate interchange in Jelasnica River Gorge.

One part of Jelasnicka Klisura – Jelasnica Gorge is under protection as a Nature Value of high importance and classified as the First Protection Category within The Special Nature Reserve of “Jelasnicka Gorge”. Determined Second Category Protection Regime within the area of the Special Nature Reserve “Jelasnicka Gorge” forbids following actions: building of houses, except those with a presentation purpose, observation deck modification and research, actions that modify morphological relief characteristics, collecting and use of protected flora and fauna species, water pollution, making dumps for municipal and industrial waste, hunting and afforestation protection, quality improvement of forest units and pedestrian approaches regulation with the obligation of preservation of protected flora species. Although it is not very spacious, Jelasnicka River Gorge has several spots convenient for picnic and camping. Studena River flows through the gorge and its water is extremely cold, as its name says it for itself. A narrow road leads through the gorge to Bojanine Vode, vacation spot at the Suva planina Mountain. Beside the beautiful boulders of Jelasnicka Gorge, Ripaljka Waterfall is also very interesting, as well as the remains of Roman fortifications.

Club for Climbing and Mountaineering of Nis has established climbing spot in a natural boulder, which represents the high challenge for all climbers keen to experience joy of danger in wilderness and to test Jelasnicka Klisura as the climbers paradise. Specially rewarding for every visitor is a circuit walk to explore the rock formations and enjoy the geomorphological  shapes from proximity.  From some of the best lookouts, your eyes view will reach the rims of Suva Planina – Dry Mountain and the village of Jelasnica situated at gorge’s end.