Jela Natural Resort Rozaje

Jela Natural Resort Rozaje

The Jela Natural Resort is comfortable brand new tourist facility in Rožaje Municipality in the place of Crnja, at the elevation of 1000 meters of the Hajla Mountain area in the north-eastern Montenegro, on the border with Kosovo and Metohija, 2 kilometers from the city center. The town of Rožaje is located in the mountainous area of the Ibar River source and makes historical-geographica region between mountain ranges that spread in direction to the Metohija area, and the Lim and Novi Pazar valley, and Stari Kolasin, between source of the Ibar River and the Rugova Gorge. Many consider the Hajla Mountain the most beautiful mountain between Serbia and Montenegro, as the environment simply refines and strengthen the locals and visitors….. The Rožaje Municipality spreads nearby the source of the Ibar River and along its banks, at the altitude of 1000 meters. In the surroundings are mountains of Beleg, Sijenova, Ahmica, Turjak, Vlahovi, Krsača, above which dominates uniquely beautiful Hajla Mountain with the highest peak of 2403 meters that actually makes the northeastern part of the gigantic Prokletije Mountains…. It was here in Rozaje established the famous Turjak tourist ski center in the period from 1978 till 1983 that used to organize international and national ski competitions that had been visited by numerous tourists from the country and abroad. The Rožaje area features elevation from 1200 to 1600 meters with extraordinary conditions for development of ski sports with snow cover existing for 120 days in the year, where visitors enjoy in numerous sunny days.

Hajla is a fantastic mountain situated on the border between Montenegro and Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija and belongs to the north-eastern part of the Prokletije Mountain range /Accursed Mountains/. Actually, with the height of 2403 meters Hajla Mountain is the highest mountain of this part of the Prokletije Mountains, located between the source of Ibar River and the Rugova Gorge. Many people consider Hajla Mt one of the most beautiful mountains of the border between Montenegro and Serbia… Hajla Mountain has complex structure; it is built of limestone and volcanic rocks, which caused variety of relief and countryside formations: rocky ridges, scenic passes, valleys, grassy slopes, forests, streams. Higher peaks of Hajla Mountain are predominantly built of limestone, mostly of Triassic Limestone (Triassic= 199-251 million years ago), and partly of Perm (251-300 million years ago) and Carbon rocks (300-360 million years ago). But on many locations on higher parts of Hajla Mountain, limestone is mixed with eruptive rocks. This combination of limestone (carbonates) mixed with volcanic rocks has also reflected to diversity of living flora on Hajla Mountain. Lower parts of Hajla Mountain are formed of horn stone (a siliceous stone, a variety of quartz, closely resembling flint, but more brittle; called also chert) and tufa (volcanic ash cemented into spongy-like rocks). Some parts of Hajla Mountain have rounded slopes, which is typical for mountains composed of silicate or eruptive rocks. During Pleistocene period (0.01-1.8 million years ago) Hajla Mountain was covered with many glaciers descending toward valleys of Ibar and Pećka Bistrica Rivers, and of which many recesses still remain on both northern and southern side. Northern part of Hajla mountain is reshaped by many Ibar River tributaries and southern side by tributaries of Pećka Bistrica river. The most recognizable part of Hajla Mountain is its 10-12 km long main mountain ridge, elongated and in shape of a gently curved letter “s”. Generally, it rises above 2,200 meters and stretches from Krstac mountain pass (on west) to Mala gora (or Donja ćafa) mountain pass on its eastern end. Some parts of Hajla Mountain are given different local names. Starting from its western part, Hajla´s ridge consists of more parts and summits, starting from west: Škreljska Hajla (Shkrel´s Hajla 2,011 m) – Maja Dramadol (2,120 m), Košutanska Hajla (Hajla Koshutanit – Koshutan´s Hajla), Vranovačka Hajla (Hajla Vranovcit – Vranovac´s Hajla 2,281 m) and finally the Hajla summit (2,403 m). The summit of Hajla, 2,403 m high, is situated at the eastern end of the main mountain ridge. The ridge on this point is sometimes just about 1 meter wide. Stretching along the ridge´s north-eastern end and bellow the main summit is a 400 m high sheer limestone cliff, attractive and suitable for alpinistic climbs. This cliff is especially dangerous in winter, open to wind squalls and covered with ice. Below this cliff is a plateau (1,810 m) called Brahim breg with water source and abandoned shepherds´huts. Just 30 minutes away from the summit, and north of Vranovačka Hajla by the mountain path Brahim breg – Žuti kamen – Hajla summit, at the height of 1,980 meters there is a small but inexhaustible spring with troughs for cattle watering, called Biser voda (literally translated as gem, jewel – water). Water streams run down from Hajla Mountain in two dominant directions northern and southern, and collect into two main rivers: Ibar and Pećka Bistrica Rivers which belong to two different watersheds: The Black Sea watershed (all waters of northern slopes of Hajla and Ibar river), and the Adriatic Sea watershed (waters of southern slopes of Hajla and the river of Pećka Bistrica).

Picturesque Ibar river source (Vrelo Ibra) is situated in deep forests of northern Hajla Mountain´s slopes, below its Maja Dramadol peak (2,120 m), in western part of the main Hajla mountain ridge. Actually, this is not the real beginning of Ibar River, because the waters come to this spring up from three larger sources and many smaller flowing down the slopes of Hajla Mountain before they join and come out as a single river source. After coming out of its spring, the Ibar River flows for 30 kilometers through Montenegro (scenic gorges) before entering in Serbia. Ibar River finally ends its life in Serbia by confluent into West Morava River, after 183 km in total, counting from its source. Ibar River is fast mountainous river. One of the strongest right tributaries to Ibar River – Ibarac also springs from northern Hajla´s slopes. To approach the Ibar River source one must use the same approach road used to reach Bandžov village and Bandžov mountain hut, 10-12 km away from the town of Rožaje. Views from Hajla´s summit are open and wide in all directions, because the highest ridge is exposed, rising high above surrounding slopes and plateaus and is also treeless. In June 2015 they started with construction of hiking-cycling trail Rožaje – Peć, which plans to connect the territories of Municipalities of Rožaje and Peć /Peja/, by construction of the first cross-border mountainous trail for bicyclers and hikers that will lead along the Hajla Mountain.

The supreme location and amenities of the Jela Natural Resort in Rožaje provides excellent holidays throughout the year which is enhanced with numerous outdoor activities, uniquely fresh mountain air, lush greenery and fragrant pine forests, and especially wonderful panorama of the Halja Mountain beauty. The Jela Natural Resort in Rožaje was constructed from natural materials – stone and wood, and belongs to the reputed family company Jela Komerc Rožaje with long tradition in wood processing and production of ecological wooden houses and chalets and other wooden objects of first class fir wood – residential houses, weeken houses, tourist facilities with catering – restaurants, motels, mountain huts, various objects with public and other aims, carpentry.

The Jela Natural Resort in Rožaje baosts of several dozens of wooden accommodation units located in the thick pine forest, near the town center, yet within the pure natural environment and enchanting ambiance. Accommodation of the Jela Natural Resort in Rožaje is organized in 10 bunalows for 4 persons with terrace and private bathrooms, 2 houses for 6 persons and 10 small mountain huts for 2 persons with shared usage of bathroom. The position of the Jela Natural Resort Rožaje is situated in the area that was for centuries known as the caravan road where horses and cattle used to pass on their trading route to Pec. The Crnja area is for years famous as the excursion spot, but more and more becomes a mountainous center for hikers, mountaineers, nature lovers, scouts or all who wish to take a hike or an adventure to the highest peaks of the Hajla Mountain or to the observation point of Gradina or to the magic lake of Ruiste in the foot of the Gospođin vrh peak /1547m/, that is true paradise for eyes and soul.

The central structure of the “Saraj pod Hajlom” /Saraj below the Hajla Mountain/ of the Jela Natural Resort features a kitchen and vast restaurant with 350 seats and an open fire place, that serves traditional dishes and international specialties, multi-functional hall and the small hall with 120 seats which is suitable for various events and other types of programs, and the accommodation capacity of some 35 beds in 5 apartments and 5 rooms.The authentic wooden chalets with balconies and forest view – bungalows of the Jela Natura Resort Rožaje are adjusted with their inner decoration and amenities to the needs of a modern tourist – air conditioning, wooden floors and ceilings with carpeting and floor coverings, central heating, comfortable single of king size beds, wardrobe and wooden furniture, work desk and chair/s, seating area,h LCD TV with satellite channels, free WiFi, bathrooms with shower, hair dryer, towels…

Restaurant of “Stari Han” of the Jela Natural Resort in Rozaje has some 150 seats and open fire and serves guests with finest traditional food of Rozaje prepared from locally produced supplies and ingredients – cheese, dairy products, kaymak, peppers in Jardum /the sheep milk/, priganice /fried dough/, smoked beef, sausage and sheep meat, kacamak /hominy/, various soups, roasted lamb and beef under the pot, fresh and pickled salads, original sweets…. The Restoran “Saraj pod Hajlom” is the central structure of the “Jela Natural Resort” which features superior hospitality and ambiance along with tasty traditional food of the area. Every weekend is organized music program with performances of the best local and regional orchestras and bands.

Amenities of the Jela Natural Resort Rožaje – 24 hours reception, smoke free accommodation in wooden chalets – bungalows, restaurant, room service, children playground, open terrace, free WiFi in all public spaces, free parking, sending fax, free bike rental, information and booking of local excursions, and experienced hiking guides for mountaineering, terrain vehicles rides and competitions….

Construction of 6-seater ski lift Hajla – Štedim is running in satisfactory dynamics. Recently all 12 pillows were installed which will carry 70 baskets with capacity of 2600 skiers. Up to now it was invested more than 5 mill EUR in this project. Simultaneously preparations for electrification of the ski lift are carried out as well as construction of ski track on the Hajla Mountain. For skiing and snowboarding, there are 1.2 km of slopes available. 1 lift transports the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,158 and 1,385 meters. On the spot of the ski lift on Hajla Mountain will be erected numerous accommodation and catering facilities which will highly improve and add value of the tourist offer of Rozaje. Construction of 7 kilometers of the accessible road which connects this locality with the main road in ongoing.