Jakupica Mountain

Jakupica is a mountain range in the central part of the Republic of Macedonia. The highest peak of Jakupica Mountain is the Solunska Glava peak /2540 meters above the sea level/ named after the majestic view that spreads towards Thessaloniki and the Aegean Sea in clear calm days. Other significant peaks of Jakupica Mountain are: Karadzica /2,473 m/, Popovo Brdo /2,380 m/, Ostar Breg /2,365 m/, Ubava /2,353 m/, Ostar Vrv /2,275 m/, and Dautica /2,178 m/. Jakupica Mountain is not a natural park, but it is very rich in woods and wild life as well. The most attractive part of the Jakupica Mountain is its southern part, where one of the wonders of nature Rock, 700 meters high and 1,5 km wide is located. The name of this rock is Nezilovska Stena. Springs of Babuna River are located in the foothill of Nezilovska Stena.

The terrain of Jakupica Mountain is crisscrossed by numerous clear and fast mountain rivers. Large areasof Jakupica Mountain are covered with beech, oak, and conifer forests. There are also obvious traces of the primeval glaciation from the dilluvial period. A number of liable institutions have been recommending the promotion of this area /and the one of the Sar Mountains/ into a national park. The mountain range of Jakupica can be easily approached from the capital Skopje, or from the town of Veles and many villages in the area.