Ivanjica Rural Tourism

Municipality of Ivanjica is located in western part of Serbia, in Stari Vlah – Old-Vlach Mountain region. Ivanjica is 224 km south of Belgrade and you reach this beautiful area by car taking highway from Čačak passing by Guča, or Užice via Požega. Thanks to its’ invigorating characteristics and pure and well preserved natural surroundings, Ivanjica was declared the Air spa in 1930s. The therapeutic Ivanjica is also famous as tasty potato growing region. So, staying in so pure natural ambiance and meeting Ivanjica locals, and doing together good deeds, small and simple things, greatly contribute to stress relief, well-being and inner and outer beauty.

Cranky Moravica River flows through Ivanjica forming breathtaking waterfalls. Tičar Lake and the „Sky tear lake“, known for their beauties as the „mountain eyes“ are located on the territory of the Ivanjica Municipality. Ivanjica lies in the picturesque valley surrounded by gorgeous ranges of Golija, Javor, Mučanj and Čemernica mountains, intersecting the sky with remarkable peaks between 1500 and 1900 meters high. Mučanj Mountain rises its almost vertical sides above the Presečka Reka River, and Veliki Rzav River and Grabovica River. The highest peak of Mucanj Mt is the peak called the Jerinin grad /Jerina’s peak, 1534 m/. Mučanj is actually the highest peak of the Zlatibor region, and features carstic caves and caverns of 10 – 15 meters in depth, and 33 – 50 meters length, that cover almost its entire plateau. The Mucanj Mountain is almost undiscovered, and provides excellent conditions for a number of outdoor  activities /free climbing, gliding, hiking…/ Near Ivanjica, in the Kumanica village there is the Roman stone bridge, once the main ancient trading road which connected Dubrovnik Republic and Constantinople. This ancient bridge in Ivanjica, over Moravica River features the widest arch in the Balkans. Interesting colorful Nušićijada Festival in Ivanjica is part of the best festivals of Europe, as in the course of time it got the EFFE title, the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe Label, for 2015 and 2016.

Thanks to its intact natural setting with invigorating health conditions and rich cultural heritage and various sports facilities Ivanjica and its fantastic surroundings belong to the most beautiful areas in Serbia and make premium destination both for memorable recreation, vacations and touring.  The 15 cycling routes of total 400 km have been marked within the West Serbia area, in favor of the active bikers and cyclists outdoor vacations. In this way the marked cycling routes connect tourist destinations of West Serbia, providing visitors and locals choice of their wishes and physical conditions, as well as to choose tourist attractions they want to visit. Zlatibor is connected with the Tara Mountain via Mokra gora, Divčibare with the Užice area, Kosjerić and Požega. Arilje and Ivanjica are connected with the Golija Mountain, Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Pešter Plateau, Zlatar Mt and Prijepolje. The cycling routes of Ivanjica are well marked with the tourist signposts, there are wooden coverage in the resting points for cyclists, hikers and mountaineers. For the active vacations in Serbia and the beautiful Ivanjica region, there are available bikes to rent.