Iskon Ensemble

Iskon Music Ensemble was founded in Summer of 2001 in Subotica with the aim to further the fich spirit and traditional joy of the Serbian and the Balkans songs, so to preserve their long-shinning background available by the “Iskon’s” members unique performance. The essence of “Iskon’s” music is created from the rich Balkans’ music styles played on the traditional instruments /kaval, supelka, gajda, zurla, tambura, tarabuka, tapan/ and sung by the specific women voices. The group performance of “Iskon” features the multi-ethnic music and sound recordings based on the comprehensive research.

The “ISKON” Ensemble played a dozen of their favorite songs at their live shows for the audiences in Serbia and abroad by sharing and exchanging the music knowledge with people all over the world /Youth Festival in Litochoro – Greece, European Music Festival in Ankara – Turkey, “FIM” Festival in Belfort – France, Open-Air performances at the Budapest and Szeged squares in Hungary and others …For their special contribution in culture activities of Subotica the ISKON” Iis awarded with the the „DR FERENC BODROGVARI“ Prize in 2005. The full “ISKON” repertoire includes original folklore songs from Serbia and the Balkans, most of them from Kosovo and Metohija. With a repertoire of over 70 songs, “ISKON” ENSEMBLE is among the soulful Serbian interpreters of ancient Balkan and Serbian music introducing a flavor of tradition, history and origins in their great performances /festive songs, harvest’s songs, love songs, celebrations songs, sorrow songs, songs on Serbian people under the Turkish rule and others/ wherever they play, people get up and sing and dance as the immense love for music easily carry them to share and exchange the music talent with other people. The Iskon Ensemble successfully runs Iskoncici Music school for the youngest children which provides the basic knowledge of music and traditions of Serbia.

“ISKON” Ensamble members : BALŠA PEŠIKAN – violin, saz DEJAN ANĐELOVIĆ – flute, tarabuka OGNJEN ŠUĆUR – tapan, LEONID PILIPOVIĆ – Macedonian tambura, tarabuka SRĐAN SIMIJANOVIĆ – ut.

Goranine ćafanine

Oj livado rosna travo

Marijo, ćero mori

Setnala se Kuzum Stana

 Pavle mi pije vino em rakija