Ibar River

Ibar River

Ibar River originates on the wild northern part of Hajla Mountain (2400 meters) in Montenegro, close to the town of Rozaje and the border between Serbia. Ibar River flows direction east to Kosovska Mitrovica, and on 24th km from there a 110 meters high dam has been built which created the artificial Gazivode Lake. Sitnica River joins Ibar in Kosovska Mitrovica from where the river turns towards north. Ibar River then continues mostly along narrow gorges, except somehow more wider ravines near Zvecan, Leposavic, Raska and Baljevac. There the Ibar river cut its natural course between the Kosovo plain terrain and the rest of Serbia.

The picturesque Ibar river source (Vrelo Ibra) is situated in deep forests of northern Hajla Mountain´s slopes, below its Maja Dramadol peak (2,120 m), in western part of the main Hajla mountain ridge. Actually, this is not the real beginning of the Ibar river, because the waters come to this spring up from three larger sources and many smaller flowing down the slopes of Hajla Mountain before they join and come out as a single river source. After coming out of its spring, Ibar River flows for 30 kilometers through Montenegro (truly scenic gorges) before it enters Serbia. Ibar River finally ends its life in Serbia by confluent into Zapadna Morava – West Morava River, after 183 km in total, counting from its source. Ibar River is fast mountainous river. One of the strongest right tributaries to Ibar River – “Ibarac” also springs from northern Hajla Mt slopes. To approach Ibar River source one must use the same approach road used to reach Bandžov village and Bandžov mountain hut, 10-12 km away from the town of Rožaje. Views from Hajla´s summit are open and wide in all directions, because the highest ridge is exposed, rising high above surrounding slopes and plateaus and is also treeless.

Ibar River makes a beautiful valley and flows through municipalities of Raška and Kraljevo creating 65 km long Ibar Gorge whose one part is known as the “Kings Valley” or the “Lilac Valley” thanks to the large number of Medieval Monasteries built along the river course by Serbian Kings. Ibar River in Kosovska Mitrovica divides the town into two parts. Ibar River empties in Zapadna Morava River in Kraljevo.

Monument to the Ibar Soldiers fallen in the First World War was erected in 1930 on the right bank of the Ibar River, in the Cerje village as per proposal of engineers Vlada Stračić and Aleksandar Acković. The Monument to the Ibar Soldiers is 3,5 meters high and positioned in the rocky river side some 40 meters above the river. The Serbian Soldier is presented in the uniform from the First World War, holding a rifle in his right hand, and turned toward the road so that everyone passing by is reminded and aware of the great bravery of the Serbian soldier who fought in the wars 1912-1912. Next to the Monument there is the pine tree which is under protection.

Ibar River flows through picturesque scenery of West Serbia. Ibar River has lots of rapids, slews and cascades. Several mountainous rivers are tributaries of Ibar River – Studenica, Raska, Dubočica, Sitnica, Lopatnica i Pivnica Rivers. Ibar River is very convenient for fishing rafting and kayaking. “Veseli spust” /Happy Raft/ is organized every spring on Ibar River that is exciting sport and tourist event – rafting from Maglic Fortress up to town of Kraljevo. The most suitable period of rafting on Ibar River starts in May and ends in October. The water level of Ibar River in May and June is rather high due to snow melting so the rapids provide the 4th and the 5th grade of the wild waters. This part of the Ibar River abounds in rapids, whirlpools and narrow passes followed by the calm course of the water. 25 km long adventurous rafting on Ibar River ends after 3,5 hours below the Medieval Maglic fortress. The lighter Ibar River rafting starts at the point below the Maglic fortress and ends by Mataruška Banja Spa passing length of 16 km. During the summer time waters of Ibar River become clear and transparently blue what makes is ideal for cool bathing.

Ibar River Rafting and Drina River Party