Hutovo Blato Nature Park

Hutovo Blato Nature park is the nature and bird reserve – Nature Park, and the Mediterranean wetland in the delta of Neretva River. Hutovo Blato Nature Park is situated near Capljina (5 km, Herzegovina) and makes an unique natural oasis amongst the harsh arid karst of western Herzegovina. The Hutovo Blato Nature Park stretches over an area of about 7,411 ha and represents one of the richest wetland reserves in Europe. Nature Park “Hutovo Blato” is located in the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30 km from City of Mostar and near the Croatian border.

Hutovo Blato has been created by the underground aquifer system of the Krupa River. It is fed from the limestone massif of Ostrvo that divides the Deransko and Svitavsko lakes. Hutovo Blato is an IBA (Important Bird Area) and there are 235 species officially listed. The area of Hutovo Blato is considered very important for feeding and resting birds during their autumn migration to Africa. Hutovo Blato is also an important habitat for the nesting of some globally endangered species (Pygmy Cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmaeus, Ferruginous Duck Aynthya nyroca, & European Bee-eater Marops apiaster etc.), as well as for a number of species which spend the winter in wet locations. Hutovo Blato is not habitat only for the birds, as the park is home to more than 600 flora species and 22 species of fish, eel and carp being the most common. Deer, wolves, foxes, and wild boars and horses roam in the surrounding woods.

Visitors to the Hutovo blato Nature Park can enjoy outdoor relaxation, bird-watching, recreational activities in nature, sport-fishing, boat ride, Canoe safari, Horse-back riding, treasure-hunt, cycling and main tourist attraction – Photo safari, while enjoying free run of wild horses through the Park. There is also an educational path providing information of the Hutovo Blato park, rising environmental awareness and need for preservation of natural heritage in Nature park “Hutovo Blato”. Within the Hutovo Blato Park there are nature-friendly accommodation and meeting facililties, friquently visited by numerous visitors from all over the world.