“Bijele Vode” Hunting and tourist hub Gorazde

“Bijele Vode” Hunting and tourist center Gorazde

The Bijele Vode hunting and tourist center is located in the center of the upper course of the Drina River is the town of Gorazde, in south-east Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the eastern slopes of Mount Jahorina, at an altitude of 345 meters. The city of Gorazde lies on both banks of the Drina River, connected by bridges, while about 1km downstream turns into an artificial lake.  In the vicinity of the Municipality of Gorazde is the Sutjeska National Park with its famous protected rain forest of “Perucica”. In 1958 Gorazde received important character, during construction of the road Gorazde – Tjentište – Čemerno – Gacko – Dubrovnik. Gorazde and the surrounding area features a mild continental climate, short winters and long hot summer, which is good for a variety of activities and amenities visitors throughout the year. In the fields and mountains around Gorazde, interspersed with gravel roads that are not in the function of a modern car traffic, there are excellent opportunities for the development of mountain biking. The old traditional crafts, the production of healthy, organic food, fruits and vegetables without using pesticides, field work (mowing the lawn, grinding grain in old mills etc.) as a form of recreation, represent a promising development steps for new tourist products. Area of Gorazde and the environment has long been known for high quality apple production of native sorts. In Gorazde and the surrounding forests are mainly beech and oak, making the excellent basis for further development of the traditional wooden industry activities and production of traditional wooden accessories spindles, horsetail, tubs, barrels, poles, musical instruments.
Hunting tourist hub of “Bijele Vode” is set in the southeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the municipality of Pale – Praca, 18 km from Gorazde to Pale, in the Bosansko – Podrinje Canton of Gorazde. Hunting tourist complex “Bijele Vode” is surrounded by the beautiful wooded mountainous scenery, on the elevation altitude of 950 m, in parts of the valley up to 1270 meters – the Vranovina top. From Sarajevo – the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the important tourist intersection zones, it is only 65 km away.
The “Bijele Vode” Hunting tourist center, thanks to its excellent location, convenient altitude and micro-climate characteristics is an ideal place for sport and active recreation. Situated near the stream with the plenty of high apple trees that provides fresh shade from the sun, it is perfect place for vacations of families with children. Various sports teams who train for a variety of important national, regional and international competitions visit this place. For this purpose, within the Bijele Vode complex there is a sport courts for football, handball and volleyball. During the summer season, guests can use the outdoor pool. Within this Bijele Vode complex there are hunting and ski resort of recreational type. Hunting ground of “Bijele Vode” falls into the category of the open mountainous hunting grounds with developed relief. These forested mountain areas make still untouched natural environment and are an ideal habitat for many big and small venison.
Bungalows within the Bijele Vode Hunting tourist center are made of natural materials in a mountain style. They consist of a living room, bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms. Each has its own terrace where guests can find peace and quietly drink their morning coffee. There are two bungalows with capacity of five people and four bungalows that each accommodate four people. The “Bijele Vode” restaurant is arranged in chalet style and has fifty places, where guests are offered with variety of delicious traditional meals, mostly prepared of own cultivation and organic production. Within the restaurant there is also a “hunting” room arranged in traditional style and featuring a number of different hunting trophies, with the the photo of the reverend guest prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš.
The Bijele Vode Hunting tourist center also has a luxurious motel built in a modern style, which provide accommodation in double and single modern rooms, and an apartment. All rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV, telephone, Internet and terrace. Motel has a cafe bar which is an ideal place for various events and gatherings. The “Bijele Vode” Hunting tourist center organizes for its guests a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, photo safari, fishing and rafting down the Drina river.