Horse back riding in Fruska Gora Mt

Horse back riding in Fruska Gora Mt




Morning meeting in Stari Ledinci village in Fruska Gora National Park and organization of the group into hikers and horse riders. Moderate “Looking for a waterfall” hike of 12 km to the Rakovac Monastery, along the itinerary which gives a number of opportunities to optimize the walks in accordance with the general fitness of the participants of the group, increasing the delight of exploring the Fruska Gora Mountain. Guests who choose/pre-book the horse riding are provided with horseback session under supervision of the professional riding instructors, on healthy horses which have been especially selected through the years to handle mountainous terrains but also to be accustomed to different riders. Riding course will make guests feel comfortable in the saddle even if this is their fist ride. There is an option for combined horse riding and simple walks, making the choice to decide really hard, but also exciting regarding the multitude of experiences offered ! During the hiking and riding session a special itinerary is applied which allows guests to rest between the harder parts and to be in a perfect mood all the time. When hike and horse riding in completed, tour of the Rakovac Monastery, followed with the “monastic-style” or green refreshment. Optional visit to the famous winery in the Banostor village on the beautiful shore of the Danube with a big meal followed with wine tasting. Selection of workshops, depending of the season/number of guests – preparation of homemade noodles for the almost ready paprikash, conducted and cooked by cordial hosts, folklore or music course, the old crafts workshop, embroidery course, making baskets or dolls of straw by hands, glass painting, rakia making, pouring wine from large barrows and bottling it…..

Price : 50 EUR per person Minimum 4 participants

Included : 2,5 hours of horse-back riding with professional horse-riding instructor and approximately 2 hours of hiking through Fruska Gora Mountain, “monastic” or green refreshment, support and logistics of Panacomp Wonderland Travel

Application: 15 days prior departure