Herzegovina Lodges rural complex Borac Lake Konjic

Herzegovina Lodges complex Borac Lake Konjic

The comfortable complex of the Herzegovina Lodges rustic apartment houses is situated on the banks of the beautiful Borac lake, in vicinity of the breathtaking Herzegovina mountains – Visocica and Prenj. Geographicaly, the Herzegovina lodges tourist complex is set at the beginning of northern part of Herzegovina, 19 km from Konjic, about the same distance and an hour drive to Sarajevo or Mostar, some 85 km away.
The Herzegovina Lodges tourist complex in Konjic are consists of three houses and three apartments, all named after the famous towns from Herzegovina. With each of the Herzegovina city there is a special connection: apartment Konjic – the birth town of the founder of this project and is area in which starts the Herzegovina region; Jablanica apartment – Jablanica is a small town famous for one of the greatest battles of the Second World War – the Battle of Neretva; Mostar apartment – Mostar is a town in which Goga and Elmir got married; Počitelj apartment – Počitalj was a renown artistic colony in former Yugoslavia and features beautiful medieval fortification; Stolac apartment – from architectural point of view, one of the most beautiful towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and Trebinje apartment which got its name after the beautiful town in the hinterland of the Mediterranean, basked in sun and adorned like crown with old platan trees.
However, the most important fact about the Herzegovina Lodges tourist complex in Konjic area is in the fact that it marks a place where everybody is welcome, without boundaries, and no differences between guest, and the place and where visitors really enjoy themselves and feel like at home. The houses-apartments of the Herzegovina Lodges accommodate little more then twenty visitors. Houses can be rented separately or several of them all together, but it is also possible to book and rent the whole tourist complex of the Herzegovina Lodges.
The Hercegovina Lodges complex is widely famous for its kitchen and cuisine, as the kitchen is equipped by latest devices and two ovens. While cooking in the kitchen guests and visitors enjoy beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains and the Borac lake. Magic of light provides illusion that you are standing in an open space. Visitors get a unique and relaxing experience using the joint kitchen, as they can also chat and mingle with the cordial hosts.
In front and beside the kitchen there are two terraces, where guest enjoy in sun or shade. Here you can truly appreciate the serenity and the sounds of nature, read book or just relax, this is a perfect place for the Bosnian coffee or for an interesting conversation with the Herzegovina Lodges owners. In front side of the estate is the summer kitchen and Nargila bar (hook pipe bar) and the space for the nights of poetry, theatrical plays and other cultural events. At the fireplace of the kitchen are always prepared fabulous traditional cuisine along the traditional local recipes originated in the Herzegovina region..
Apartments of the Herzegovina Lodges – Konjic up to 3 persons, Mostar (2-4 persons), Jablanica (2 persons), Blagaj 2-3 persons, Pocitelj 2-4 persons, Trebinje 2-6 persons, and the Stolac apartment for 2-6 persons are spacious, full of light and comfortably furnished. However being built on the slope, each apartment features great view of the fantastic peak of Prenj Mountain and woods of Visočica Mountain, and the emerald Borac lake. Apartments of the Herzegovina Lodges are equipped with modern bathrooms, and their interiors are modernly designed, with number of traditional details of the Herzegovina architecture.
Borac is the biggest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises on 400 m above sea level, it is 786m long and 405m wide, the greatest depth is 17m. Borac lake is located between mountains of Visocica and Prenj, and has unique emerald green color, deciduous and evergreen forest surrounding the lake, as the everlasting sound curtain, because inside it you can always here the sound of birds, frogs and crickets. Bountifulness of fish, especially of the famous trout and carp make fishing especially attractive on Borac lake. For visitors from all over the world.
Continental climate here slowly passes into the Hercegovina Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and severe winters as main feature of the climate. For locals this is very popular picnic ground with many possibilities for recreation and refreshment. Peacefulness and beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains make Borac lake a still undiscovered pearl of tourism, awaiting to be discovered by the world. From discovering this region to the world of culture, gastronomy and hospitality of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the mission of the Herzegovina Lodges Complex.
Neretva is for sure one of the prettiest rivers of Herzegovina , and is situated only on 15 minutes drive from complex Herzegovina Lodges. River is located on 1230 m above sea level, below the mountain of Jabuka. Neretva is a real mountain river, paradise for fishermen and all those who enjoy nature and wonderful peace which surrounds it. Neretva, just like Borac like has plenty of trout and other delicious fish. Beside the fishermen, water beauty Neretva is usually discovered by admirers of active vacation: beside lovers of rafting more and more are present kayakers, and bikers who truly enjoy benefits of the pure nature and warmth and open-mindness of Herzegovina Lodges hosts. If a visitor goes to the source of Neretva river, along the way he is going to pass by several small authentic restaurants serving traditional food. And if the visitors get thirsty they should not be worried, the waters of Neretva are still drinkable in its uppers course!

Here is feedback of guests who stayed at the Herzegovina Lodges in 2016 : ” Dear Elmir and Goga, thank you again for a wonderful experience with your hospitality and passion. I can recommend Herzegovina lodges to everyone. It’s more than just an accommodation; it is an insight in your beautiful country. Love Hannah Hansen  “