Herceg Traditional Settlement Medjugorje

Herceg Traditional Settlement Medjugorje

The Ethno Village Herceg – Herzeg Medjugorje was opened in 2008, as the unique result of a tourist idea development covering the surface of 40000 sq m, which was a long and gradual process of its dedicated founders. Herceg traditional settlement is situated on the crossroads of Čitluk, Medjugorje and Ljubuški and rightfully can be regarded a miracle of Herzegovina. Herceg traditional settlement Medjugorje and its whole unique complex witness to a bygone time captured in the rugged Herzegovina land. The Herceg traditional settlement Medjugorje makes premium destination for tourists, faithful, business customers and all visitors keen to enjoy, located just few kilometres from the famous Medjugorje popular site of religious pilgrimage due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to local Catholics. In its special way the Ethno Village Herceg Medjugorje captures the life-style and culture of living on the scanty rugged land of Herzegovina. The Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje itself grew out of stone and was entirely built of stone, providing its guests to enjoy the mild Herzegovina climate and lots of sunny days influenced with the light evening breeze. Herceg Ethno village and traditional settlement in Medjugorje is a timeless comfortable place, where one escapes from the present time and forgets the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Herceg Medjugorje is place where locals go back to their roots, admiring life as it was in old days – the life so simple and unique. Herceg traditional settlement Medjugorje is truly an amazing place where one recharges batteries, good for body and soul.

It took a lot of courage, patience and skills to recreate and restore the authentic Herzegovinian houses and turn their ethnographic, historical and architectural values into the true tourist miracle of the Herceg traditional settlement. In a special manner, owners of the Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje succeeded not to alter the land but especially to protect and keep the beauty of the environment, focused on keeping lifestyle and everything as authentic as before, preserving the beauty of the true environment. So the entire Herceg village in Medjugorje was constructed with respect towards nature and the environment. The final goal to recreate a Herzegovinian village as it was hundred of years ago, but at the same time striving to bring it into the present time has been achieved.

The full accommodation capacity of the Herceg traditional settlement Medjugorje is 62 beds with the availability of extra beds (max 1) in each room. It is total of 28 double bedrooms and 3 house-apartments disposed in 7 two-store houses and 3 houses as detached units-apartments of the Herceg traditional settlement Medjugorje. The houses providing accommodation are actually the most beautiful part of the Herceg Ethno Village in Medjugorje. They are fully made of stone, which once upon a time was used for the construction of similar buildings, and their interior is made of massive oak furniture which leaves an impression of warmth and cozy house atmosphere. Rural architecture has been brought back to life here and along with it the feeling of the farm life in these small house yards. The scent of old times, of the freshly baked bread, the image of tired farmers on the way home after hard work in the fields, the scent of fire and the glass of good wine…. this is a vivid image of lives and homes of grandparents. Houses of the Herceg traditional village in Medjugorje are connected with paved stone paths and with its design and facilities meet all the expectations and demands of a modern tourist. Rooms are comfortable and spacious, furnished with high quality furniture handmade from Slavonian oak within a magnificent ambiance of stone walls. The walls are decorated with Herzegovinian motifs of natural beauty. All rooms of the Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje are equipped with heating/air-conditioning system, phone with direct dial, Internet connection, LCD TV, smoke detectors, SOS in bathrooms. Also every room features bath-robes and slippers available, a hair dryer and toiletries-cosmetics in bathrooms. All rooms are double rooms, 14 with twin bed and 14 with double bed, but all of them can have a single use according to the current price list.

Apartments of the Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje consist of a living room with a fireplace and a bedroom with double bed, and possibility of providing cot or extra bed (maximum 1). The traditional details have been successfully combined in an excellent way with modern amenities and conveniences, providing guests to enjoy the unusual charming and natural ambiance. Living room has a fireplace with possibility of making fire on guest’s request. There is also a dining table and room service. Modern air-conditioning system, LCD TV sets and a fast broadband Internet are the regular apartment amenities, as well as direct phone lines, smoke detectors, bath-robes, slippers and toiletries-cosmetics in comfortable bathrooms.

The aim to respond properly to wishes and demands of its guests, arose the necesity to extend accommodation capacity of the Herceg settlement, resulted in the brand new Herceg Hotel, opened in 2011 with 40 rooms and total capacity of 100 beds. The new Herceg Hotel has been constructed in the same style and of the same building materials of which the other parts of the Herceg traditional settlement have been built. The Herceg Hotel of the Herceg traditional settlement provides accommodation to pilgrimages visiting Medjugorje, but is also very suitable for successful organization of seminars and wedding celebrations and various events and partiers. Rooms of the Herceg Hotel of the Herceg traditional settlement feature simple elegance and details that best describe Herzegovina – stone is everywhere, while walls have been decorated with photos of Medjugorje nature and surroundings. Warm pastel colors adorn the whole Herceg Hotel interior, providing full relaxation and peace of the contemporary visitors and tourists. Rooms of the Herceg Hotel in Medjugorje come in size of 22-25 sq m, and are air-conditioned, and equipped with direct phone line, mini bar, satellite LCD TV, wireless Internet. Bathrooms are spacious and elegant, with shower, hairdryer and complementary cosmetics. All rooms feature fire detectors and SOS alarm. One room of the Herceg Hotel in Medjugorje is arranged for stay of customers with special needs. In some rooms there is possibility to add an extra bed.

Within the Hotel Herceg in Medjugorje there is the restaurant where rih buffet breakfast is served, while other meals are served in the main restaurant of the Herceg traditional settlement. The Restaurant of the Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje provides space for 300 visitors, and spreads over several floors-levels, while the wonderful garden terraces also comfortably accommodate additional 300 visitors. The stone walls are decorated with memorable motifs from Herzegovina, the furniture is of solid oak and made by hand, creating a warm and homely atmosphere to which you will want to return again and again. Adding to the finest food prepared of locally grown ingredients and recognizable Herzegovina charm of the restaurant there is a small brook that runs through it. The combination of exceptional local specialties with that of both modern and original Italian dishes provides great choice for everybody’s taste, even for those with a more selective taste.

Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje additional facilities – The Chapel, Museum – old house, shops, stables, Wine cellar – winery where authentic wines of Herzegovina can be tasted /which are regarded among the best wines in the world/, Conference hall with capacity of up to 250 seats, an amphitheater with 1000 seats, Katarina festive hall for wedding ceremonies and parties, walking paths, bocce court, tennis court, football terrain…

The chapel overlooking the Herceg Village, which is a perfect place from which to see the world. It’s a perfect place to get to know oneself and to get to know other people, to learn about culture and tradition and in this way to participate in community life. The amphitheater features a thousand seats and a stage offering countless possibilities for theater plays, concerts and Folklore performances. As part of Herzegovina Cultural Summer 2009 some of the following were hosted here: The ensemble ‘Lado’, Municipal Theatre ‘Komedija’ from Zagreb, Theatre ‘Marin Držic’, and the Theater from Varaždin. The modern Conference Hall which backs on to the Amphitheatre can also be used as a backstage facility. The most modern and multi-functional Conference hall is premium venue for successful organization of various types of lectures, conferences and seminars, as well as for memorable wedding ceremonies. It can be also used as backstage for the amphitheater performances or as a multipurpose workshop, thanks to its dimensions which are 15×25 m with capacity of 250 seats.

In short, all pleasant and unique facilities of the Herceg traditional settlement in Medjugorje, along with its outstanding quality of service provide memorable stay for both tourists, local population and business customers, who gladly come again to the Herceg tourist complex in Medjugorje.