Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave – Hadži-Prodan Cave

Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave – Hadži-Prodan Cave

Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave is named after Hadži – Prodan Gligorijevic, the duke of Karadjordje /the military commander and leader of the First Serbian Uprising/. Hadzi Prodan was hiding soldiers and rebels in this cave during the Serbian rebellion, which he started against the Turkish yoke and conquest in 1814.

Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave is located at the altitude of 600 meters in the valley of Rascanska River and the valley of Golijska Moravica River, 10 km away from -south of- Ivanjica on the road to Guca /Central Serbia/. Examined and explored length of the Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave is 400 meters. Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave is constituted of 2 flats while the new 165 meters of canals have been discovered recently in the upper floor. The entrance to the Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave is around 3 meters wide, than it narrows and there appears the spacious hall around 50 meters long and 15 meters wide. Experts have found 25 new cave animal species (insects), not yet known or very rare in the world. During the exploration of Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave articles dating to Neanderthals-hunters were found as well as the remains of cave bear that date from 45000 to 40000 years BC. Hadži-Prodanova Pecina Cave entrance is partially hidden by the “Adzijina church” which was originally built in 1909 and dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

The natural rocks beside the Hadzi Prodan Pecina Cave provide excellent conditions for free climbing which is operated and monitored by professional climbing instructors of Ivanjica, who possess the full equipment for this challenging activity and gladly organize memorable and joyful climbing here.

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